The History of Online Casino Slots


Slot machines remain among the most beloved casino slot88 games, which comes as no surprise considering their high payouts and opportunities to win big.

Charles Fey first introduced his mechanical slot machine over one hundred years ago, and since then the industry has seen numerous innovations and changes that continue to shape its development.

Evolution of the game

As the internet became more prevalent, developers began adapting popular casino games into versions suitable for play on mobile devices – this included slot machines. Although initially met with some scepticism by regulators and players alike, slots quickly became a staple part of the iGaming landscape.

Charles Fey developed the first electromechanical machine in 1895. It featured reels with ten symbols that paid out according to how they lined up when the machines stopped spinning; these machines quickly became very popular – by mid-century, these machines accounted for up to 70% of casino incomes and floor space respectively.

Fortune Coin introduced its inaugural video slot machine to the world in 1976. Displayed on a 19-inch Sony television and modified to pass muster with Nevada State Gaming Commission for approval, this ground-breaking device quickly became a standard in Vegas casinos.

Electromechanical slot machines

Microprocessors allowed slot games to evolve in unexpected ways, for instance programming them to display more frequently winning combinations – providing manufacturers with greater chance of making winning combinations while misleading players into thinking they were close to hitting jackpot. However, this also resulted in false hope for some players when in reality no jackpot had been won yet.

Charles August Fey, an American inventor with Bavarian roots, first designed and constructed the modern slot machine in 1894. After developing multiple machines including Horseshoe and 4-11-44 models, Charles built Card Bell in 1898 which introduced three reels and an automatic payout design which quickly became the standard slot machine model over decades.

Bally unveiled their ground-breaking electromechanical slot, Money Honey, in 1964. As the first machine with a bottomless hopper and automatic payouts of up to 500 coins – making it stand out among its counterparts – as well as being the first without traditional levers, Money Honey quickly become the leader among other new models.

Second-screen video slot machines

Slot machines have long been among the most beloved casino games, boasting over a century of development and evolution over time. Their growth can be traced to major changes within gambling as well as technological progress.

Bally developed its inaugural electromechanical slot, named Money Honey, in 1964. Players had to pull the lever while its reels were electrically operated; additionally it featured a bottomless hopper for paying out up to 500 coins at once.

WMS Industries Inc. made another significant advancement with their release of a second-screen video slot machine in 1996. This ground-breaking device offered players additional winning opportunities through bonus round activation by opening up another screen, giving them access to additional payouts. This innovation proved immensely popular and helped increase slots popularity even further.

Progressive slots

Slot machines remain one of the most beloved casino games, and their appeal only seems to grow since entering digital space. Offering life-altering jackpots and an opportunity for long-term financial security, they remain highly prized among gamers everywhere.

Progressive slot machines award the biggest jackpots, featuring a meter that rises with each spin of the reels, typically located in the upper-right corner. Each time it rises represents a portion of its house edge.


Online casinos typically provide a range of progressive slots. Some are standalone while others form part of an interlinked network of machines across several casinos – these wide-area progressives allow the jackpot to accrue much faster. One popular example from Bally is Vegas-style wide-area progressives called Millionaire 777s and Trillions; millions of players contribute towards one jackpot which quickly accumulates to several million dollars.

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