The Cozy Reference To Choose Your Perfect Quilt (According To The GSM)


Spending your chilly mornings in the wrap of a cozy comforter is an unmatchable feeling. But, finding out your one perfect comfort partner in Australia isn’t that easy. From keeping yourself up to date about the GSM count to knowing the material washing requirements, you can end up confused. 

But, don’t worry. It’s a good day for you as you will learn everything about the Australian wool quilt right here as per the GSM count! 

Which one will suit you the best?

Before you get any more troubled with the acronym GSM, let’s make it clear for you. 

Basically, it is the short form of grams per square metre. It roughly translates as the amount of material used per square metre in your Australian quilt. The lower the number, the less suitable the comforter for heavy winter nights.

To choose the perfect one for yourself, take a look at the variety available with respect to the GSM count.

Heavyweight Quilt

As the name suggests, this is the quilt designed for temperatures ranging from 0-15 degrees. These wool comforters carry the GSM count of 700 approximately. Not only it is great for winter nights but also for people who can’t sleep when their toes get cold. 

If you’re looking for a real snuggler, leave dating apps and choose this quilt! 

Midweight Blanket

Need something which works fine for both the late spring evenings and early winter days?

This blanket with the GSM of 500 will be an absolute fit. If you live in a region like Sydney, NSW, etc., in Australia, grab this comforter to receive comfortable sleep.

Note: The midweight soother blanket is suitable for regions with a temperature range of 8-17 degrees. So, even if you live warmer climate zone, you can still opt for this blanket.

Lightweight Multiseason Comforter

If you’re looking fr a summer hexagon quilt templates that doubles up as a cover for your winter blankets, this is it. 

Not only you can use these 350 GSM blankets during summers in Australia, but also in the spring season when a random cold breeze starts giving chills. 

The most suitable geographical regions where this comforter will be a perfect fit are those with a temperature range of 14 – 22 degrees. 

Extra Light Summer Cover

Whether it’s the summers or an almost winter onset, you can pick these extra light quilts conveniently. 

These blankets come with the GSM of 200, which is feather like to touch and cuddly warm to feel. They are perfect to be used as an off-season quilt in tropical areas of Australia. 

Tips for picking the correct quilt

Your blanket isn’t merely your warmth provider. The quality, variety and GSM count decide the intensity of heat that your blanket will be able to regulate. 

To select the most comfortable blanket, ensure that:

  • You know whether you’re a cold or hot sleeper
  • You’re aware of the allergies you and your partner
  • Your partner is comfortable with the temperature blanket offers

Final thoughts

Whether it’s the insulation or the geese feathers in your Australian wool quilt, choosing the suitable one can make all the difference in your sleep. 

Other than the quality, it’s essential to look at the fill density to know about your comfort level with the cover. Additionally, factoring in the region is also a great way to find your all-time favourite comforter!


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