Reasons Why Your YouTube Channel Isn’t Growing


YouTube proceeds to expand and develop every day with new makers coming up on this app consistently! However, as the app becomes more saturated, it can get harder to develop your channel. Moreover, it would get disheartening to make excellent videos just to find that all that difficult work didn’t convert into a flourishing channel.

There are some probable reasons behind your channel not growing. For instance, your videos might not catch the public eye. In this case, try focusing on the content and edit your videos using a video maker online like

In this article, we’ll discuss several reasons why your YouTube channel isn’t growing and how to solve that.

1. You’re Not Holding Your Spectator’s Attention

If your YouTube channel isn’t proceeding to develop as you had expected, it may be because your recordings aren’t benefiting your viewers.

So, if you want your viewers to see you as significant, you need to make recordings that are both engaging and instructive. The great news is that you can fix this! Given below are certain pointers to solve this problem:

  • Your Introduction Is Excessively Long

If you’re playing an introduction on each video that you upload on YouTube, make the introduction short. Typically, five or three seconds works best. Then, try to present what your video is about immediately, and don’t take an excess of time clarifying it.

Give a speedy explanation of the reason behind why people should watch the video

in 15-30 seconds and let them know the core details.

  • Your Videos Are Excessively Short

Make a rule of making your recordings no less than 5 minutes in length. However, short length is okay if you’re making something creative that can circulate around the web.

  • You Have to Edit Your Videos

You need to get something going each 20-30 seconds. A lot of creators don’t pay enough attention to editing their videos. So, try to zoom in or zoom out, add graphics, images, etc. to make your videos more captivating.

You can use a video maker online if you want an easy way out.

  • You’re Hard to Understand

Even if you have great content, your audience may not understand you if you aren’t speaking clearly. So, try to spare a moment to ask your viewers for their perspective with regards to how your video can convey more worth to them!

2. Your Video Titles And Thumbnails Aren’t Useful

Always bear in mind that the videos you upload on YouTube are for the viewers and not the creator. Therefore, you need to show your viewers how your videos can benefit them through the title and thumbnail itself.

After all, YouTube contains way too many videos over a single topic. If you want to stand out, try to formulate titles that give away the purpose and intent of the video. You also need your viewers to feel like you’re trying to help them.

Similarly, when it comes to thumbnails, don’t just stick to extremely basic ones. Take the help of a video maker online or an image editor to come up with eye-catching thumbnails.

3. You’re Talking About Too Many Things

A lot of YouTubers commit the mistake of taking on too many topics and creating general niche videos. However, if you want to grow and create a viewer base, it is best to stick to one niche.

For instance, imagine if you have a lifestyle channel, you can stick to videos about food, travel, and even clothing. This will definitely attract you to a viewer base that loves everything about the lifestyle niche! Hence, they may subscribe to your channel.

But wait, what if you start uploading educational or motivational videos? Your viewers may find themselves out of place and might end up unsubscribing to your channel. Similarly, if your channel is about weight loss and healthy life, refrain from talking about content related to unhealthy food.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to stick to one niche. After all, you wouldn’t want to be the jack of all trades but the master of none.

4. Your Channel Is Inconsistent With Videos

Do you regularly post content on your YouTube channel? Or, are you inactive for the most part? If it is the latter, you have found the reason for not getting enough subscribers or likes on your videos.

Keep in mind that people may unsubscribe to creators who don’t post regularly. Moreover, the YouTube algorithm also favors creators who post content regularly. If not, your channel’s growth may slow down significantly.

So, aim to upload at least one video per week if you wish to stay relevant on YouTube. You can simply create excellent videos using a video maker online.

5. You’re Not Taking YouTube SEO Seriously

You can only reach more people if YouTube suggests your videos to more users. However, there are a few things you still need to keep in mind:

  • Use a popular main keyword for optimizing your videos.
  • Ensure that you add the main keyword in titles, descriptions, and hashtags too.
  • Add related keywords in the video tags.

The above-mentioned points are just the basics of learning YouTube SEO. Try to read and research more about it for better clarity.

6. You’re Not Promoting Your Videos

If you want your channel to grow, try promoting your videos. Now, there are various ways to do it.

First, always include a CTA in your YouTube video. Try to ask your viewers to subscribe to you if they like your video. Moreover, you may also ask them to watch your other videos and how they can benefit them.

Also, keep up with other social media apps like Instagram. For instance, you can create a shorter version of your video  (like a sneak peek) on a video maker online. Then, upload it as an Instagram reel, and ask your followers to check out the full version on YouTube.

Also, include the links to your YouTube channel on your social media profile.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is a source of entertainment for many people. But, it is also an outstanding source of income and exposure if your channel reaches a certain level of subscribers.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where your channel isn’t growing, try out the tips mentioned above!

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