Quick Tips To Consider Before Buying meat mincer


Kitchen appliances are many and they are well known to make work easier in the kitchen. A meat mincer which helps in grinding meat into small sizes and other types of food like vegetables is a vital kitchen tool. One can combine different cuts of meat to favor their needs.

What is a Meat Mincer?

A meat mincer is also known as a meat grinder. It is a kitchen appliance that is used to chop meat and other different types of foods either raw or cooked and mix them as per the user’s needs.The machine grinds the food by forcing it through metal plates containing smaller holes.It replaces tools like a mincing knife.

Consider the following Attributes Before Buying a Meat Mincer

1. Always check the power source:

Meat mincer can either be manual or electric always select the best choice that fully servesyour purpose.

2. Easy to Use:

It is always advisable to buy a mincer that is easy to use and easy to guide a new user on how to use it. Avoid complicated machines.

3. Size:

Always consider the side because if you buy the wrong size you may end up moving the mincer now and then any time you need to use it.

4. Durability:

This is a key factor to consider. Choose a meat mincer that will serve you for a long time. Consider the material used. Most of the mincer has an aluminum body which is known to be durable. The durability and the material used to make the mincer affects the meat mincer price in Kenya.

5. Cutting Blades:

It is important to ensure that the cutting blades are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust and this ensures durability.

6. Warranty:

To ensure you buy a quality machine always buy the ones that come with a warranty and the technical user manual. But if one does not have enough money you can get a second hand that does not come with a warranty to start with provided it will serve your purpose.

How Does Meat Mincer Work

  1. First, prepare your meat and removes all the bones and any unwanted parts.
  2. Place the meat into a funnel on top of the mincer and using the feeding bar squeeze the prepared meat in to the meat mincer.
  3. Place a plate or a bowl under to collect the minced food after been processed.
  4. When you are done grinding the meat, power off the meat mincer by disconnecting the power..

Does Meat Mincer Use a lot of Power?

Meat mincer has a power of 1200 – 1400 wt. These are heavy-duty mincers. With this amount of power, they are designed to process a large amount of meat and food continuously. The middle-powered mincer that power ranges between 800-1200Wt for less work. The higher the power the larger amount of meat it can grind.


A meat mincer is a vital machine, especially for those who run a butchery business. Customers may require minced meat and if the businessman does not own the meat mincer it might drive the customers away. It’s advisable to purchase the machine new or second hand provided it is in good shape to serve the purpose and maintain clients

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