In many countries, animal hunting is strictly prohibited. But, in America, all you have to do is get a hunting license and a registered gun, and you are good to go. Hunting quail is a popular pastime in this country. People like to hunt these birds because they taste so delicious when cooked properly. There is always the thrill of hunting a bird, which is an added advantage. Men were hunters and gatherers in the past; therefore, the hunting instinct is still intact in some of us. Continue reading to learn useful tips that will help you hunt quail more easily.

Where To Find Them: Quails are typically found in the central part of America. Therefore, if you are from Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Kansas, you will find plenty of areas where you can spot the Quails. However, if you are from some other part of the country, you may visit any states mentioned above for a hunting expedition. You may also find these birds in the Southeastern part of the USA, including parts of eastern Mexico. However, these states have their specific rules when it comes to quail hunting. Be sure to check out local laws to be on the safer side before you start hunting the birds.

When To Find Them: Quails are visible pretty much all throughout the year near the damp and swampy areas. They live on bugs and other small insects. Therefore, look for them near water bodies where they feed on bugs. However, the best time to spot quails is after heavy rainfall.

  • In the morning, they appear in open fields. So, if you intend to hunt them early in the morning, it will be easier for you to spot the birds in the open field.
  • They tend to go into the shady areas under the trees during the middle of the day. Therefore, if there is a dark jungle and wooded plants, they might be resting there, hiding from the scorching heat.
  • They come back to the open fields in the evening when the sun is no longer hot. So, when the sun goes down, they return to the green fields to look for more insects that come out at night. You may also spot them in the long grassy land in the evening.

Gears To Carry: Hunting is not a child’s sport. So, you need to be careful when you go on hunting trips. You must wear protective gear and hold the gun safely in order to avoid accidents. Be sure to carry the gun and other accessories such as magazines and standard throw levers in a bag. Keep the items separately packed before you put them inside a bag. You may also carry a pair of binoculars to spot the birds easily in the terrain. Wear protective goggles and knee-high boots before you go into the swampy areas. You must also wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun. It would be best if you carried the bait to lure the birds closer to you. Quails usually feed on seeds, plants, and insects. Therefore, you can carry dried corn as bait to get closer to the birds.


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