Particulars of Pressurized Solar ZHeater


Pressurized solar water heater comes with very many benefits mainly environmental conservation and rapid water heat. It is a flexible product, easy to maintain, and can be used in various places such as schools, apartments, hostels, etc.

Headway of innovation has brought to the development of agreeable and ecological preservation items. With the extraordinary need to warm water quickly, an appropriate pressurized water heater and non-pressurized water heater have been created. This article examines further about compressed water radiator, how it works, standpoints, and so on.

Components of pressurized solar water heater:

Evacuated tubes

It has tubes made of borosilicate 3.3 with twin-wall glass. The tube dimensions are 58mm outlet, 47mm inner tubes, 1.8m length, and 1.65 mm outer tube wall thickness.

Rubber components

It has HTV silicone rubber UV stabilized

Solar absorber coating

The pressurized solar water heater comes equipped with the ability to  92 %( AM1.5), the emittance of 8 %( 80C), and heat loss capacity of < 0.8w (m2c)

Water tanks

This heater product contains an outer tank of 470 mm, 0.4 mm thickness, and is made up of stainless steel. The tank can hold a temperature of 55-95c

Mountain frame

Its mountain frame is made of stainless steel or 201-BI, aluminum or galvanized.

Booster electric elements

It has 3 KW electric booster heater elements for supplementing the water heating during periods of low sunshine.

How it works

The pressurized solar water heater vacuum tube ingests sun-oriented energy and conductive copper pipes inside the vacuum tube rapidly move the hotness into the compressed sun-based water radiator tanks consequently the water inside the tank becomes warm through conduction. The water in the vacuum cylinder can persevere through the freezing of 37 degrees centigrade and 25mm hailstone. Heat pipes have the capacity of one-way heat move, little warm limit, and low beginning up the temperature.


It has the best conduction performance in every chilly environment. It is extremely productive in leading hotness quickly. It’s designed to compress and keep a steady temperature of water in the tank. Concerning water level, the pressurized water heater has regulator breakdowns which could course water to stream out.


This heater is designed with an adjustable bracket for both flat roof and sloop roof, 3 legs for 200l solar water heater, heat pipe condenser of 80 mm, electric heater element, 316 L stainless steel pocket, inlet, and outlet magnesium anode sensor, etc.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages that a pressurized solar water heater has.


This solar heater is more energy proficient with exceptionally capable of changing daylight into heat, it saves charges, its one-time investment, environmental cordial, modest and reasonable, great performance in both overcast and stormy days and has a great capacity limit.


Except if it is introduced at an undeniable level over the water outlets, the water strain will be extremely low.


This solar can be utilized in private homes and apartments, in schools, swimming pools and farmhouses, inns, clinics, clubs, and resorts. For more, check

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