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The online education system has been a beneficial system for the teachers and the students for continuing teaching and learning in the hard times of a pandemic and the lockdowns imposed due to the same. This system of education made classes possible for all students at a time when it was practically and logically impossible for anybody to leave their homes and be physically present in a place like a classroom where there were multiple people in one place. The deadly COVID-19 virus and the pandemic was a time of trial and also a time for learning. Everybody learned to live life in a new way and adjust and adapt to the new systems that were being put in place for different purposes. 

The online education system was one such system that had to be learned and understood by a large number of people across the globe. Not only did teachers and students have to understand this system to continue with classes of various subjects but also the school, college and other educational institution authorities and parents of the students had to become accustomed to this system. Online teaching became common and the students very well switched to online classes for attending lectures and continuing their studies.  

The online education system opened many new doors and offered opportunities to all like never before. A large number of new platforms such as websites, apps, software came up to support this education system and the teachers and the students had access to sources and resources from across the world for better learning and teaching experience and also a wide range of tools came up to improve and simplify the various tasks in the online systems. 

One such door that opened up and was a treasure chest of opportunities for both learners and tutors was an online course. Online courses have a big role in the online education system and have changed the way of teaching and learning. In this article, we will be talking in detail about online courses, how these courses work and the platforms for these courses. We will also discuss how teachers and students can make use of various online courses and the platforms used for the same for their benefit and make the best out of this opportunity for teaching and learning. 

An online course is conducted using an online courses platform that can be accessed using a desktop app or mobile app or even a website. Basically, an online courses platform is an online teaching platform that allows teachers to create courses of the subjects they are experts in and reach students to benefit their learning. The best part about an online course platform is that it can be accessed by anybody who subscribes or signs up for the same and the course created by you can be accessed and completed by students from anywhere in the world. This allows the teachers to reach a wider audience and also make an additional income with their knowledge. Another aspect of such courses and platforms is that you do not have to be a teacher professionally to create a course and get involved in online teaching. You can be an expert in your field and want to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with freshers and you have the option of creating a course and making it available online for those who need the same. 

Online courses are also highly useful for the students who do these courses. Online courses can be found for a variety of courses. You can find such courses on a wide range of platforms for students of every age group. You can find courses for basic alphabets and numbers and also find courses for the most in-demand high paying skills for a job. Online courses are not only pursued by students who are enrolled in school or college but also by working professionals who are willing to learn and need to upskill or update their knowledge base for any reason.

Online course platforms can be accessed from a desktop or a mobile. This allows the teacher and the student to connect from anywhere. It also allows more flexibility in terms of time and allows the teacher and the student to adjust the course within their timetable without changing their schedule. 

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