As a homeowner, you may need to know the difference between new windows and replacement windows Welland. This is because at one point, you will need to change the windows in your house and this knowledge will come in handy. Having knowledge of the difference can help you to avoid exploitation when purchasing and installing the windows as well as the doors in your home.

There are two major ways to tell the difference between new windows and replacement Welland windows and doors. Let us find out in this guide.

1. Installation Method

This is the main difference between new windows and replacement windows Welland. The way the window is installed helps to tell what type of window it is.

New windows are usually installed using a nail fin frame that nails the window directly to the wooden frame. On the other hand, replacement windows are installed using a flush fin. This is because most replacement windows are fixed into bricks and block frames.

2. The Purpose They Serve

A new window is usually installed to change the design, shape, or size of your house’s window opening. In other words, it is like putting a totally new type of window with a different frame and hinges for your home. Before getting a new window, you need to put into consideration whether the new window style will fit into the architectural design of your home. New windows require experts on window replacement to check if that particular window fits perfectly to the structure of the house. New windows usually change both the interior and exterior appearance of the house.

A replacement window usually entails the removal of an old window and replacing it with another window that fits perfectly to the left window opening. A replacement window does not alter the design and size of the window opening. It is simply getting a replacement for an old window. In order to install replacement windows Welland, you do not need to consult an expert about your architectural design as the window fills the exact window opening from where the old window was.

Replacement windows and new windows can be made of different materials. Some of the commonly used materials to make sashes and frames for these two types of windows are;

3. Fiberglass

This is one of the commonly used materials in the manufacture of furniture. This material is durable, easy to maintain and it is energy efficient. Fiberglass is considered energy efficient because it has insulation properties that reduce the loss and gaining of heat. Getting windows whose frames and sashes are made of fiberglass, can help save on energy costs in both cold and warm weather conditions.

4. Vinyl

This material is very durable but requires high maintenance. Vinyl possesses insulation properties making it energy efficient. It is cheap and can withstand both cold and extreme warm weather conditions.

5. Wood

This is another type of material used for making frames and sashes. Wood gives your home a traditional and attractive look. It can be painted to the color that matches your other household furniture. However, wood rots when it comes into contact with moisture, and can the paint can peel off when exposed to extreme high temperatures.

6. Aluminum

This material is very light and can be shaped into various designs. Aluminum is energy efficient and very easy to clean. It can withstand both cold and warm climatic conditions. It does not require high maintenance and can also be painted into the color of your choice.

If your home feels old and unattractive, you might consider getting new windows instead of replacement windows Welland. This is because new windows are usually intended to alter the design, shape, and size of the window opening. Altering the design of the window opening tends to change the style of the entire house. For your house to have the best curb appeal, choose quality over quantity. The quality of the window lasts for a long and will prevent replacement in the future. Characteristics of a good window regardless of whether it is new or a replacement is; it should be easy to maintain, energy effective, and easy to clean.


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