Multitasking In the Workplace: Five Strategies That Work


Multitasking is an excellent way to get tasks settled at a single time. Moreover, when an employee is good at multitasking, productivity is also boosted. Multitasking also aids in keeping your brain active and alert.

Furthermore, it elaborates on shuffling various assignments and juggling your attention on different tasks. Perhaps, multitasking is a key to a bright career as it improves your performance terrifically.

Let’s suppose that working on reception can be an excellent example of multitasking. You have to answer calls, pay attention to upcoming clients, and much more. Well, Marc Dumont Bonnyville is best known for his superb multitasking strategies.

But what is meant by multitasking in the workplace? So, the answer to your question is stated below.

What Is Multitasking In The Workplace?

When working in a particular firm, multitasking shall be peanuts for you. It may hamper the productivity level of your performance too. Sometimes, multitasking is considered a bad idea to opt for. As your focus diverts, loss of efficiency, lack of research, etc. Despite this, at times, multitasking works successfully.

While working in a workplace, you have assigned a pile of work, and you don’t know how to figure it out. Well, instead of getting frustrated, try managing them. And do multitask simultaneously. People who juggle need to rotate their concentration and focus within seconds. A few essential strategies need to be kept in mind to multitask effectively.

Strategies That Work In Multitasking

There are many strategies for multitasking, but organizing is a trait of multitasking that Marc Dumont St. Paul adopted in successfully flourishing his career. Here are some pointers that may adroitly assist you in multitasking.

  • Make a List

This is one of the initial steps of multitasking. Knowing the fact that multitasking isn’t an easy task to pursue work. It requires great effort and a well-organized plan to be followed. Moreover, set time limits to accomplish a specific task. For instance, completing two or three functions in less than five hours portrays your efficiency. And also displays the desired amount of attention and focus required to fulfill it.

All you need to do is start your day by looking at your to-do list. Eliminate tasks that you have done. And bingo, you have successfully achieved your daily target.

  • Assemble Identical Tasks

Switching your focus back and forth on the tasks is perhaps a challenging factor of multitasking. To remove this hurdle, group activities that are similar to each other. Doing so will save you time and increase your productivity level efficiently.

  • Eliminate Interference

While working on more than one project, you have to pay proper attention. When multitasking, disturbance or interference can be an extreme disaster to your work. It may ruin your career within a few seconds, and you have to do it again from the starting point.

To get rid of this:

  1. Turn your cell phones off.
  2. Sit in a peaceful quiet room.
  3. Add light music to increase your focus on the task.

And lastly, work alone to save time and get better outcomes.

  • Review Your Work

After completing all your projects in a single slot, review your work. As you have been working tirelessly on multiple projects, you might have made a mistake anywhere. Perhaps, amid this mistake, don’t forget to recheck your work. Assure whether you have fulfilled all its requirements or not. And then send it to your client.

  • Appropriate Practice

Similarly, like another task, juggling can be altered with practice. Start doing it with small projects. Conclude them at a specific time. Try doing them with different methods. Figure out new and innovative techniques to tackle them effectively. Try doing them with easier tools. Keep a track record of your efficiency and then shift on doing big projects.


Perhaps, everyone has a different way to multitask. As every human brain is different, they have their ways to juggle. While following some tips and tricks may surely enhance your multitasking technique. And get a productive output indeed.

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