MBA In International Business | MBA Full Course Details with Specializations


MBA In International Business | MBA Full Course Details with Specializations

As businesses are not only confined to a country; they are spreading across the world. Therefore, to operate these businesses and make them successful, there is a need for professional international business managers. So, an MBA In the International Business field offers innumerable employment opportunities. 

In this degree program, candidates learn about international marketing, expanding their business internationally, import & export management, and methods of attracting foreign consumers.

Hence, this program can be a worthwhile and prudent degree in terms of job prospects. Additionally, below is more detailed information about obtaining an MBA in International Business.

About Mba Degree in International Business

MBA or Master of Business Administration in International Business is a post-graduation course in management. And, The duration of an MBA International Business degree is two years. Also, you can complete this degree course from distance education with many specialisations.

In this degree program, candidates gain expertise in international business management. Additionally, students attain advanced understanding and vital skillsets of the corporate world. Also, students get equipped with abilities such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making; these are required skills for entrepreneurship and business management.

Eligibility Criteria of Mba Degree in International Business

 Eligibility criteria to pursue an MBA degree in international business are as follow:

  • Candidates can opt for this program after completing their undergraduate degree from any UGC-approved degree.
  • Candidates undergraduate in any discipline are eligible to pursue this degree.
  • Also, students have to obtain a minimum of 50-55% average in their bachelor’s degree.  

What Is the Admission Process for Enrolling in an MBA in International Business?

There are plenty of colleges/institutes that offer MBA degree programs in international business. So, students can choose a college according to their convenience and apply for admission. However, students first check the eligibility criteria of that specific college before applying for admission. 

Undergraduate students can apply for this program at any UGC-recognized college/university. So, students can apply online or offline to get admission to any college. Also, students can pursue this degree program in regular, correspondence, or distance mode. Apart from that distance MBA also provides you same specialization that you want to choose in regular mode.

What Are the Subjects in the Curriculum of the MBA in International Business?

Below is listed the year-wise syllabus of this degree program:

1st Year

In the first-year students gain knowledge about subjects such as Marketing Management, Research Methodology, Economics & Management Decisions, Financial Accounting, IT for Managers, Human Resource Management, Application Statistics, and Quantitative Techniques.

2nd Year

The second year includes subjects such as Cross-Cultural Management, Summer Internships, Domain-Specific Courses, Indian Policies & Trade Policies, E-business & E-commerce, International Business Negotiation, Merges & Corporate Regulation, Domain Tailored Courses, Industry Visits, Dissertation 1, and Dissertation 2.

Apart from that, in the second year, students can choose some of the electives from among the subjects:

  • Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, 
  • International Human Resource Management, 
  • Financing of International Trade, 
  • International Supply Chain Management, 
  • Managing Global Compliance in Export, 
  • International Contract Management, 
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics, 
  • Advertising & Brand Management.

What Are the Career Opportunities After Attaining the Mba International Business Degree?

MBA in International Business is a valuable and in-demand degree in the management field. Therefore, there are a  plethora of job opportunities for the candidates that hold a graduation degree in this program.

Hence, Some of the Job Prospects After Procuring this Degree Are as Follows:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Sales Director
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • International Marketing
  • Risk Management Director
  • Real Estate Development Manager
  • Corporate Auditing Director
  • Export-Import Management
  • Government Affairs Director
  • Logistics Management
  • Information Security Director
  • Business Analytics Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Supply Chain Management Director, etc. 

Besides that, candidates that hold an MBA degree can apply in the government sector too. Furthermore, students willing to pursue higher studies can enrol in the PhD doctorate program in the international field.

Additionally, Below Are Some of the Top Recruiters for that Candidates:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Bain & Company
  • HDFC Bank
  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • ICICI Bank
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Citi Bank, and others.


International business professionals play an important role in taking a business to foreign countries. International business professionals have strategies and knowledge for the development of a business. They also help businesses advertise their products to foreign customers to increase the sales of their products.

Therefore, the MBA in international business degree program aims to impart all the essential understanding of international management of the business. Also, the programs equip candidates with all the necessary skill sets that are beneficial in the corporate field. Hence, candidates get a large number of lucrative job opportunities once they earn this degree.

An MBA in international business is a two-year post-graduation degree. So, candidates can apply for this program once they obtain their bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Also, students can apply for admission at the top 10 MBA distance education universities in India.

Furthermore, students can complete their post-graduation in this program in traditional mode or distance mode.

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