Journey To Goa: A Small Journal On It


Last night we were forced to take a night halt in Kolapur. The road from Mahabaleshwar to North Goa is about 400 km. We were supposed to leave at noon. 

The driver said that even if he was one and a half hours late, there would be no harm. But since we had a small child and everything was arranged, we had to leave in the afternoon. 

It has been three days since we left Nashik and we have already traveled about 800 km to various places in Maharashtra and now we are going to our final destination Goa.

Bhanu, the Marathi driver boy, has spent a lot of time with us over the last three days. Leaving the car, he visits all of the locations with us, has fun, and our group snaps photographs and selfies in various poses.

Arrival In Goa

We arrived in Goa after a long journey. I learned a lot about Goa while travelling. Let me share a few of them with you.

Goa is a country of natural beauty located west of India on the Arabian Sea’s Konkan coast.

North and South Goa have various gorgeous beaches throughout the whole coastline.

Each beach is distinct in terms of beauty, characteristics, diversity, and appeal. Because of its natural beauty, Goa attracts more or less year-round tourism.

Many foreign tourists also flock here. However, the peak season is usually from October to February.

Beaches In Goa

North Goa is home to around 20 beaches. Calangute, Candolim, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim, Sinquerim, and other well-known beaches can be found here.

It was once a Portuguese colony and features several antique Portuguese structures, shrines, and abandoned forts.

The Western Ghats are bordered by mountainous beaches and forts such as Fort Aguada, Chapora, and Reis Magos, among others, and the sea view from there is amazing.

Parasailing, scuba diving, dolphin island boating, and other water sports are available.

There are several beach cottages, luxury hotels, spas, taverns, nightclubs, bars, discos, and so on.

There is also the well-known market of Anjuna Beach in Goa.

Last Moments Of The Trip To Goa

We took the NSN Hotel Miramar, Miramar Beach to beach side. It’s an excellent beach for families. It also offers the benefit of visiting other beaches and sites because it is placed in the centre of all the other beaches.

There are also a lot of nice budget hotels in the area, which can be found on the list of NSNHotels best resorts in Goa and low cost meals hotels.

Plenty of small cars, scooters or bikes are available using which you can easily visit the surrounding spots all day long. 

I have written another blog on Goa. You can check out that if you wish to know about my experience on it.

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