Australia has a higher number of skin cancer patients compared to other countries. The direct reach of the sun’s radiation towards the skin causes skin burn, tanning and also eye damages. Australia is much closer to the sun during the summer season, reaching almost 7% additional UV rays. The sun protection sleeves, clothes and hats prevent these rays to an extent. To avoid outdoor activities during peak time or bringing an umbrella to get shade are also too significant to avoid such situations.

Different methods to protect oneself from UV lights are:

  • Applying sunscreen

Applying sunscreen will block the UV rays that penetrate the inner skin. Usually, the cream contains a sun protection factor (SPF) that prevents harmful rays. A higher number of SPF indicates more protection. It will prohibit premature ageing and cancer. And, one should remember to apply a thicker layer of sunscreen all over the skin exposed to direct rays. It should be used again if one stays for more than an hour in the sun and after sweating. If You Need More Information Visit gopage7

Be sure to check the expiry date of the sunscreen, as also be aware that exposure to high temperatures may damage it easily.

  • Wearing outfits

Darker coloured outfits provide much more UV protection than light coloured ones. And tight fabrics offer better protection than loose fabrics. Wearing either long-sleeved shirts or separate sun protection sleeves can protect your arms from getting sunburnt. And some types of clothes are certified and manufactured to prevent this. From international standards, it is evident that clothes with SPF greater than 15 are best to avoid such circumstances. Wearing a hat not only creates a fashion statement but also shades the face, ears and neck from the rays. Do consider a dark colour hat that can bestow maximum protection from the rays.

  • Sunglass and swimwear

The direct reach of UV rays towards the eyes can cause vision damage, so wearing a sunglass is significant. It protects one from cataracts and also prevents harm to the tender skin around the eye area. Wrap-around sunglasses protects the UV rays from entering from the sides. According to the reports available in Australia, the sun’s UV radiation is stronger between 10 am and 4 pm. So it is necessary to wear sunglasses during this time. Swimsuits have 98% protection from UV rays.

  • UPF masks

In the past few years, Australia has been facing a rapid increase in vehicle usage and, thereby, air pollution. Many studies by national health services in Australia show an increase in lung disorders due to air pollution. A good weave UPF mask prevents UV rays from penetrating the face. And it avoids sun tanning and problems with the facial skin. Also, there is no need to apply sunscreen while wearing a mask. It is better to use one with a high UPF rating. If You Need More Information Visit: wmt24

  • Arm protection sleeves

These are helpful to prevent the direct effects of UV rays on the arms while driving or during outdoor activities. It is made of lightweight material and comfortable for wearing. It should also have a higher value of UPF rating. It is also helpful while playing sports like football and cricket.

According to the geographical specification of Australia, it is a necessity, not just for people who have sensitive skin but also for others. If You Need More Information Visit: eblogz

Sun protection factors

  • Dyes: Using dark coloured clothes is better than employing light coloured ones. The amount of concentration of this determines the disrupting capacity of UV rays.
  • Wetness: Wet fabrics decrease effectiveness compared to dry. So it is better to employ dry clothes.
  • Weight: The UV blocking capacity directly depends on the heaviness of the fabric.
  • Weave: Tight weave clothes provide more protection than stiff weave fabrics.
  • Stretch: Unstretched clothes bestow higher UV protection than stretched ones.

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