Insights on the Role of an Azure Solution Architect


The Azure solution architect course is high in need as this will assist in analyzing different aspects of the position including the Azure solution architect certification path. The azure architect is nicely called Azure cloud solution architect which is Microsoft’s branded interpretation of generic cloud architect. The professional leads his or her business cultural change towards cloud adoption, devises and coordinates cloud architecture, even creates cloud strategy, and even facilitates the approval by the business.

Azure architect training helps individuals in establishing as expert Azure Solution architects and further helps in acing the exam. With this, you will even learn how to deploy and configure infrastructure, implement workloads and security. This even creates and deploys apps and develops cloud and Azure storage.

The skills covered in the Azure Solution Architect course are to manage Azure subscriptions, manage the resource, deploy a virtual machine, perform server migration, evaluate server migration, manage application service, select compute and storage, perform hybrid networking, etc. Azure solution architect certification holds a significant share in the entire public cloud market. The skillfulness measured for the role of Azure solution architect includes design identify, governance and monitoring solutions, design data storage solutions, design infrastructure solutions. Individual with Azure Solution Architect certification has advanced experience and knowledge of IT operations that involve networking, virtualization, business continuity, disaster, etc.

An Azure solution architect is one who manages how decisions in each area affect the overall performance and solution. Availing Azure solutions architect certificate depicts the skills and knowledge that advises stakeholders and transfer business needs into scalable and reliable solutions.

Who should avail Azure solution architect course?

Azure solution architect courses must be availed by professionals who wish to have a bright IT career. Let us have a look at the below-mentioned details on those who can go for this best online Azure certification course:

  • Developers/ IT administrators who wish to have knowledge of the Azure cloud.
  • Individuals who are planning to gain the expert badge.
  • Cloud evangelists
  • Individual with IT infrastructure background
  • DevOps professionals
  • IT background professionals who are looking for becoming Azure architects. ‘

The azure solution is the fastest growing cloud computing platform. Individuals who are familiar with AWS or any other computing platform are curious to learn professional skills. With sufficient knowledge on a hands-on practical demonstration for a wide range of cloud services. This method is mainly designed in a manner that would be helpful for the architects. Cloud Solution Architect is responsible for performing different roles that involve informing stakeholders.

Azure solution architect Roles description and responsibilities

Azure solution architect’s job focuses on constructing solution-level decisions and analysis by creating an impact on the overall business goals. The product of the solution architect job is similar to the set of technological solutions and the strategy for the implementation. Post creating a strategic technical vision of the product, the azure solution architect is mainly involved in estimating the budget and then representing the same to the holders. Let us have a watch at the responsibilities that mainly derive the processes:

  • Analyze the technology environment
  • Analyze the enterprise specifics
  • Analyze and even document the requirement of the product
  • Setting the collaboration framework
  • Create a solution prototype
  • Control solution development
  • Support project management

All the above-mentioned duties require leadership skills. All this even helps the activities that further ensure that resources, risk recognition, and planning to stay aligned with solution goals. The personal attributes of Azure solution architect involve excellent communication skills, deep analytical skills, project and resource management skills, influence and negotiation skills. Azure architect solution is introduced to the corporate sector that helps in the processing of integrating new software systems.

Azure solution architect skillset:

Individuals who realize the importance of the solution architect, and the next step is to source and realize the skillset. Let us have a look at the core skills that a good architect requires:

Technical background and experience:

In order to provide the management and engineering team with the right accurate technical advice, Azure architect solution should have a technical background. The professionals who should avail of this are IT architecture, infrastructure and cloud development, engineering and software architecture design, business analysis, DevOps, etc.

Excellent communication skills:

This is one of the most essential and vital parts of the Azure solution architect’s competence. The role of the Azure architect solution is to entail negotiating with stakeholders, understanding the requirement of the parties, risk management, the lack of communication skills can create a real blockage. This role mainly requires working closely with software engineers, business analysts, and project teams. EXperienced Azure architects must be capable to learn, listen, advise, empathizing, and explaining.

Deep analytical skills:

Designing a relevant solution mainly requires understanding the different parts of business work. Azure solution architects must recognize the strategy and even realize the business processes that help in defining how the company becomes capable of achieving the strategic goals. The professional must understand the tech specifics. Azure cloud solution architect deals with analytical work and even move between different business layers.

Other than this, the architect must evaluate the product from a long-term perspective and even comprehend the solution that might need to scale and adjust for possible changes. It is highly beneficial that experts must be exposed to the cases when solution architecture consults are recommended. Let us have a look at the same:

  • When you don’t know which strategy fits the enterprise: IT professionals must create a link between existing enterprise architects and a particular project. Azure solution architects guarantee the solution for meeting the standard of the company.
  • When you run a digital transformation: Digital transformation is one that requires businesses for reconsidering when they deliver value to the customer.
  • When you face undefined risks: Azure solution architect is necessary for projects where different technology risks are present.

Azure solution architect holds the role where one investigates different architectural solution on the basis of practicality and impact and even make a recommendation. The role of this is to develop strong analytical and technical problem-solving abilities. IT professionals who hold the ability to think and act at a different level of abstraction and even one to strike a balance between the knowledge of strategy and how to implement it.

Azure solution architects must hold the ability to provide technical direction and even manage the team for one common goal. IT professionals must provide proactive engineering processes and standard and best practice recommendations.


Azure Architect’s solution helps in building a framework that aligns technology, resources, and skills for more specific goals. With proper training, the knowledge and development of the foundation help in developing the skills.

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