How to Use Custom-Printed Magnetic Signs as Low-Cost Marketing Tools in 2022


Translating your brand ideals into efficient marketing strategies is not easy. Most small-scale companies can’t afford to hire third-party marketing agencies to do the job on their behalf. Globally, businesses are projected to increase their marketing spending by 15% in 2022. If your company can’t afford to increase its marketing spend in 2022, you better find some low-cost marketing tools.

The good news is that small-scale companies can succeed even without having the marketing budgets of Fortune 500 companies. Cost-effective marketing tools like custom-printed magnetic signs can help them achieve big results without spending too much. Here’s how companies should add custom car magnets to their marketing mix to achieve marketing success in 2022 –

Understanding the Concept of Using Custom Car Magnets as Marketing Tools

Custom car magnets have been used as tools to express ideas for many decades. Many car owners attach these magnets to their cars to express their opinions. With the rise in demand for cost-effective marketing tools, small businesses are using these signs as strategic marketing tools. Well-designed car magnets can help small businesses promote their brands and gain exposure.

These cost-effective, compact, removable, customizable, and reusable signs can be used as brand decorations or as giveaways for clients. However, brand leaders must put some thought into designing these magnet signs to achieve marketing success. Here’s how they can do it.

Use High-Quality Printing Technology

Make sure that your magnet sign sellers use the latest digital printing tools to create your custom signs. Thanks to digital printing, car magnets can now have custom designs that look just as appealing as huge billboards. Also, make sure the company uses eco-friendly printing inks to create your signs. These inks are of the highest quality. They stay intact for long periods, even when exposed to sunlight or rain for long periods.

Online Customization

Only work with custom magnetic sign sellers that offer online customization options. The leading sellers of these signs have online platforms where shoppers can custom design their car magnets. Working with such sellers makes the process of creating custom magnet signs very easy. No matter how sophisticated your magnet designs are, the leading sellers use the latest design/printing tools to achieve top-quality results.

Magnets of Unique Shapes

Most car magnets are rectangular. To make your custom magnets stand out, make sure their shapes are unique and eye-catching. Choose magnets with shapes that resemble your business niche. For example, if you run a tree maintenance company, pick magnetic signs that are shaped like trees.

Design Simplicity

Magnetic advertising signs only get a limited amount of time to communicate marketing messages. The people most likely to see these signs are drivers or pedestrians who pass by your vehicle. To ensure your signs create maximum impact in this brief period, keep their designs simple and clear. Avoid cramming too much information or too many design elements on your custom signs.

Follow these steps to create custom magnets for your company vehicles. Make sure your brand name and logo feature prominently on these signs and start promoting your company!

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