The biggest risk to your health is where you live. It’s been said that 80% of disease is caused by environmental factors, not a genetic predisposition.

The home is full of everyday products that can be easily customized to support your health goals. From the dishes you eat to the paint you use on your walls, there are several simple ways to make sure that everything in your home is working for you. Start with these tips while designing your home!

Choose low-VOC paints

VOC is a harmful chemical mixed in paints. It releases strong chemical gases that are very harmful to health. VOC is especially harmful to older people. It can cause lung problems and other diseases. That is why, while painting you should opt for a paint that has very low VOC. These paints are also great for the environment. High VOC paints are release a lot of non-biodegradable waste.

You can find many brands for low-VOC and eco-friendly paints. Opt for them to make a healthier home.

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Add plants and greenery to your home

Another great way to increase the health value in your home is by adding plants and greenery. You can find air-purifying plants that are great for indoors. Infact, there are many indoor plants that serve their unique purposes.

Hang them on your ceilings or keep them on your bedside to bring a little nature inside. They will refresh your moods and also make your home a cheerful place.

Add textures and patterns

Adding creative elements to your interiors will not only enhance your home decor but also brighten up your moods. Textures add a unique sense of depth to your rooms. You can add textures on your walls while painting. Or else, you can opt for lovely curtains, rugs and different elements with unique textures.

Go for a patterned wallpaper for your accent wall. You can also try wall stencils as a cost-effective way to beautifully decorate your walls

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Choose colours to help productivity

Choosing the right colours can make the biggest difference to design interiors. There are many colours that can enhance your productivity and creativity. Whether you are designing your home office or dining space, the right colour can help your stay active and energetic all the time. Use calmer shades for the bedroom to create a relaxing aura. Go for energetic, bright shades for the workspace to be your most productive self!

To get the right colours you can opt for professional colour consultants who come with years of experience. They will tell which colour combinations are trendy as well as functional. You will get the best options according to your taste and requirements.

Finally, making your home healthier is all about maintaining a clean and decluttered space. Keep your things organized and take the time to clean them properly from time to time. A healthy home makes a healthy you!


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