Every company wants its employees to be more efficient and productive. They want to redecorate the office space to make communication between employees easier. But, have you seen those little office cubicles where employees sit and work for eight hours straight? How do you think those tiny cubicles make them feel? Just looking at them makes one anxious and claustrophobic. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips for remodeling office spaces.

Get Rid Of Cubicles: The first thing you must do in order to make the space more open is to get rid of the boxed cubicles. They are stuffy and lack imagination in design. Employees often feel uninspired while working long in one of the cubicles. The idea was to make the workers more efficient by forcing them to focus on the work and nothing else. But, in modern times, these cubicles are out of date.

Focus On Communication: Most projects in an office are done with communicative efforts. Therefore, one needs to gather ideas and collaborate with others in order to make a project successful. You may take a look at the décor in the Multi-National companies to learn more about modern office décor. These companies spend millions of dollars to boost efficiency and productivity. Therefore, you can simply copy their design and replicate the same in your office space. Or you may even check out small business interior design to learn more about the layouts that work best in smaller spaces.

Let The Light Shine: Let the sunlight come through to the interior if you want to make the space more open and airy. Consider adding large glass windows in the office so that natural light can come in and make everything look bright and shiny. Sunlight helps lift up one’s mood and makes one feel more connected to the world outside. Install bright LED lights to light up the office corners. One may also use soft lighting in the bathroom to provide a more soothing experience.

Add Plants: An employee should never feel isolated and cut out from the outside world while in the office. Therefore, add plenty of indoor plants in the office to make the space more outdoorsy. Indoor plants tend to calm a place down, supplying fresh air. Therefore, managers and CEOs often have pots of greens in their offices. Furthermore, the plants can be used as decorative pieces in the lobby, hallway, and personal office.

Employee Comfort: The interior designer must also pay attention to the Air Conditioning system to ensure the coolness is evenly distributed. If the AC stops working or the heating system becomes faulty, the staff cannot work properly. Proper maintenance and upkeep are necessary for maximum comfort.

  • Get office chairs that allow one to sit comfortably for hours. If the chairs are uncomfortable, the employees will have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. They will take longer breaks to avoid sitting on uncomfortable seats.
  • Install a phone booth or a separate area in the meeting rooms. It will let the employees receive a quick call in the middle of the meeting without disturbing the group.

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