Do you love wearing hats? You can’t deny that your hats make you look smarter. Help you enhance your personality when you go out wearing one of your favorite hats. These days, wearing a hat is among the few things helping keep traditional fashion. Although, only wearing costly hats would not make you a real hat lover if you lack caring for them. 

It’s hard to prevent your favorite hat from getting unwanted dirt, dust, stains, and watermarks. However, cleaning can be an effective solution to get rid of such unavoidable elements for sure. 

The best way to clean a hat depends on its material. However, you must take proper care while cleaning your favorite one. Considering the below guide will eventually help you clean your different types of hats. So, please have a closer look!

Cleaning Felt Hats and Wool Hats

Felt hats and wool hats are the most expensive ones. So, taking utmost care is essential to keep your expensive hats like a newly purchased one. However, as already stated, your hats can get dirt and dust normally while using them. 

So, apart from the usual cleaning, your felt hats and wool hats can be needed for deep cleaning. In order to clean your wool hats and felt hats, you can use a soft bristle brush. Applying a soft bristle brush can easily clean the inner and outer portions of your hats. However, if the stains are tough to remove, considering a steam cleaner can be a wise decision for sure. 

Cleaning Straw Hats

Cleaning straw hats is no hard task if you’re habituated to cleaning them after using them each time. After-wear maintenance always helps to prevent deep stains on your hats. 

However, you can use your household cleaning items to deep clean your favorite straw hats. You can add a few drops of hat cleanser in water and for cleaning. A soft window cleaner can be the best option for removing deep stains. Well, if you don’t wish to use window cleaner, you can use a sponge or a piece of damp cloth to perform a proper cleaning of your straw hats. 

Cleaning Leather Hats 

Pure leather is one of the most stubborn materials for sure. However, maintaining leather hats is not easy to manage at all. You need to take some preventive measures to keep your leather hats in mint condition. You should always keep your leather hats away from scorching heat and excessive moisture. Getting heat and moisture can harm the material to sustain for a longer duration. 

Well, investing a little in cleaning products can help you clean your leather hats more conveniently. Your leather hats should be periodically polished with mink oil for better protection from moisture. If the moist surface gets dust and dirt, removing such elements from your hats would be hard. 

Additionally, don’t use any regular soap while cleaning your leather hats. You might not know that regular soaps contain harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide. Such chemicals are harmful to your costly leather hats.

Cleaning Suede Leather Hats

Well, according to one of the best American hat makers, keeping your most expensive suede leather hats shiny is no hard task if you perform periodic cleaning. You’ll be needed a slightly stiff bristle brush, a quality hat cleanser for suede leather hats, and a piece of soft cloth. 

To clean your suede leather hats, first, clean the dust and dirt from the hat using the bristle brush. Once the loose dirt and dust are removed, you can now use the hat cleanser to clean your suede leather hat. First, take a bottle of water and mix a bit of chemical-free hat cleanser in it. Subsequently, shake the bottle so that the cleanser can mix well with the water. Then, pour a few drops of cleanser mixed water on the soft cloth and rub it gently on the surface of the hat. Doing it as instructed can conveniently help you clean your suede leather hats. 

Cleaning Cloth Hats

Cleaning cloth is one of the easiest tasks to perform in our everyday lives. Well, the cloth hats are crafted in such a way so that they can’t be felt difficult to clean or maintain. 

Using a soft household brush, a bit of water is enough for cleaning cloth hats. However, if your cloth hat is made with untreated cloth, it would be best to use a bristle brush and a bit of hat cleanser for proper cleaning of your favorite cloth hat.


So, finally, you’re here at the end of the article. We hope you’re now better ready to clean your favorite hats more conveniently. If you have found this article helpful, please write your feedback in the comment section. Additionally, share the hat cleaning guide with your pals, who love to wear hats. The mentioned methods and tips may help them too!


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