Homeschooling Benefits you should be aware of


Over 2 million kids are being homeschooled solely in the United States. This showcases a rise of 7 to 15% annually. Over 40 countries have banned homeschooling or have limited regulations. But there are several advantages of getting your kids homeschooled. Check out some of the benefits given below:

Homeschooled kids perform better in tests

According to a study, 20,000 homeschooled kids scored good marks in their tests. This was more precise in kids who were homeschooled from the start. In another study, homeschoolers scored 67 points more than an average in their SATs.

  • They enjoy better emotional freedom

Getting schooled at home removes several stresses an average child faces in their class. There is no need to fit in or be a victim of peer pressure. You don’t see instances of drugs, ragging, and social pressures. Homeschooled girls are never a victim of any molestation. Thus, homeschooled kids have higher self-esteem and are emotionally mature.

  • No homework

Because the kids are directly involved in the learning process, minimal or no homework is needed. Parents do not have to struggle with length homework.

  • The kids are not socially secluded

Homeschooling faced too much criticism as it was thought that homeschoolers don’t learn any social abilities. However, it is partially true as many activities are available to increase their social interaction. They can have plenty of friends while attending piano classes, swimming lessons, or playing in the park. So, it is up to the parents to make their kids more socially active.

  • A flexible schedule eases their life

Zero early hour classes and meeting scheduling issues may make the kid live a robotic life. Homeschooling frees you from the issue. Several homeschooling kids enjoy educational breaks during different seasons. They may also choose the study hours and when the kids can have a play hour. There are several instances to visit museums, parks, and fields. It makes learning at home more accessible and a better option.

  • It allows kids to learn at their own speed

Schools are often criticized because of their pre-defined education system. However, homeschooling helps you focus on your child’s learning with one-on-one tutoring. They enjoy better independence in learning and are not a victim of peer pressure or dependent knowledge.

  • Their special requirements are met

A kid with special needs may be considered inadequate for school learning. For instance, ADHD kids have to suffer from several hindrances and prejudice. During homeschooling, such kids are treated sensitively, and their unique needs are given priority.

  • Homeschooling kids are independent and more productive

As per research, homeschooling kids become socially active and more productive adults. In 1999, Stanford University took two times more homeschoolers than privately or publicly schooled kids.

  • Parents get time for parenting

Homeschooling gives parents great intimate time with their kids. It is not the same with public school kids. The publicly schooled kids have grudges about their homework, school environment, and low interference of parents. With homeschooling, there is no such case.

These are some homeschooling Ontario benefits that may motivate your kid’s homeschooling.

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