Gabions are beneficial applications for civil engineering and other construction activities. Gabions comprise a wire cage where it may have soil, bricks, or stones. The purpose of gabions is to control soil erosion, as they are primarily used for other uses in the military and landscaping.

Depending on the purpose, gabions come as gabion boxes or baskets where such materials as the soil can fill in to be complete. So, in this article, the price and advantages of gabion boxes will be the topic of focus, among other gabion features.

The Advantages and Features of Gabion Boxes and Their Prices

Gabion boxes are usually made of wire, especially the galvanized type of wire to reduce the wear and tear for such a material and thus increase longevity for the gabion. There are gabion features that one would consider checking before they could install in tier homes. Such features as the size and type of fillers in a gabion are essential to note beforehand.

Bellow presents the main features to check for before applying the gabion to a particular area.

The Size

The size of the gabion box is the size of the gabion itself. The minimum sized gabion box is as low as 12 inches by length since they come in a square form. If one would like to put gabions around the homestead, a particular size of the gabion box should b of consideration.

More significant-sized gabion boxes are for more extensive construction, and therefore, for most homesteads, smaller gabions are preferable.

Filling Requirement

The gabion boxes require such filling techniques when constructing a specific gabion. For example, the 12 inches sized gabion boxes would need a fill of rocks with a range of 3 to 8 inches for a better experience and longevity. Otherwise, a poor experience would come in. so it is a concern for the gabion builders to check for the specific fill requirements for the individual gabion box before.

Cost of Gabion Boxes

Gabions have civil engineering and military usage apart from the common application to homes for controlling soil erosion. Depending on where the user applies, the specifics for the cages are different, and so do those gabion boxes prices in Kenya differ. A particular box has a suitable place to use.

Type of Wire Used

The gabion boxes have their wires specially treated. The galvanized wire is in most usage, preventing easy rusting for the gabion baskets. The zinc-iron vulcanized wire is most helpful in making the gabion boxes, as it enables a longer life span for the gabion before a replacement. Depending on the wire used for the gabion box, a period of 75 years is possible longevity for an average gabion.

Advantages of Gabion Boxes

Gabion boxes are such a useful application in construction and other engineering processes. When using the boxes, one could consider the advantage of a particular gabion. For the military, gabion boxes are a helpful tool to make high-energy absorber gabions, shielding from bullet penetration. Another advantage of the gabion is that it prevents high CO2 footprints, unlike the concretes.


Gabions are practical applications for the environment. From civil engineering to military usage, the gabions show their importance. Therefore, constructing a gabion using gabion boxes would be even better after looking into the wants and features for particular gabion boxes before usage.


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