Every Detail Worthy Knowing about Pressure Washing Machines


The best cleaning experience can be achieved by the use of pressure washing machines.Over the past one decade, pressure cleaning machines have become so popular in Kenya and even abroad. A lot of home owners are currently reaping the benefits that come with these machines. The good part of this, it’s not only the home owners but business owners too who use the different types of pressure washing machines to their advantage.

This article takes a deep look at the reasons why pressure washing machines’ popularity in Kenya is vastly growing.

Pressure washing can be explained as that process of spraying buildings, cars, among other places with high pressure. The process aids the removal of dust, mud, oil, grease or any other thing that is referred to as dirt. The machine may produce pressure of up to 200 MPa, saving lot water and while at the same time offering thorough cleaning.

Pressure washing machines may be used to wash;


  1. Driveways
  2. Gutters
  3. Sidewalks
  4. Roofs
  5. Garage floors
  6. Fences


A Pressure Washing Machine

The prices of pressure washing machines

Most pressure cleaners are affordable and available in the Kenyan market. Consumers may choose to purchase or rent them either by visiting sellers’ shops or online like Hotsy Equipment Company. The type of the machine, purpose and the size may play a role in determining the price.There are different types of pressure washing machines, ranging from gas washers to electric washers. The electric pressure washer price in Kenya ranges from 100 to 400 dollars.  A gas pressure cleaner may range from 300 to 600 dollars depending with the seller, quality, brand and other related factors.

Below are the different types of Pressure Washing Machines;

Normal Coldwater pressure cleaner – the machine is considered safe and easy to operate. It is normally used in households, but also in commercial sites for general purposes.

Gas cold-waterwashing machine – This is normally used for exterior applications. Itemits gas vapors that are considered unfriendly to the environment. The washing machine is not suitable neither safe for the interiors of a homestead.

Hot water washing machine – this machine is preferred for oil and grease cleaning. Mostly, it is used in garages and parking lots.

Electric powered cold-water pressure washer –the machine operates with high levels of energy which raises the cost of production. It is suitable for cars and painted surfaces. The machine works with an energy of 120 volts.

Pressure Cleaning Machines Effects

Pressure Cleaning machine are beneficial but damaging too. Below are the goods and the bads of theseWashing Machines.

Advantages of Pressure Washing machines

  • Easy to operate. The machines can be operated by anyone.
  • Use little water hence minimizing wastage.
  • Time conservation.Machines are normally made work within a shorter time than manual labor.

Disadvantages of Pressure Washing Machines

  • The machines cannot be used in washing pets and humans.
  • There is always the inconvenience in case of a breakdown.
  • The water produced by the machines is not conducive to brick houses.



Pressure washing machines are good in making washing easier but they have they negative side effects too. The user should be wise enough to choose wisely.

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