Do You Need Expert Witnesses in Your Philadelphia Car Accident Case?


If you are pursuing a car accident claim for injuries you have suffered, you must prove the negligence if the other driver caused the crash and led to your injuries. However, it is often hard to determine fault for a car accident, and you may need input from third parties to make a valid determination. 

If you are working with a Philadelphia car accident lawyer, they will hire expert witnesses who can provide testimony and opinions when the other party is disputing the facts of your case. These experts can help simplify complex details.

What are Expert Witnesses?

These witnesses are professionals in their fields. They possess special knowledge, experience, and training in the field related to your car accident case. Your attorney can hire them to give essential information about the nature of your claim. Also, these witnesses can give information that supports some facts of your case. These include giving insight into how the crash took place and how it led to injuries. Your attorney can also call on an expert witness to refute the other party’s inaccurate testimony. 

Kinds of Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases

The following are expert witnesses your lawyer may work with when handling your car accident case:

  • Medical experts. They can explain the seriousness and kind of injury you sustained. Also, they can give information on the connection of your injury to the crash and its impact on your life. 
  • Accident reconstruction experts. These experts can recreate the accident and explain the sequence of events leading up to the accident. Also, they can determine who caused the crash. 
  • Economic experts. These experts can explain how your injury is affecting you economically based on your lost income and lost future earning capacities.
  • Mental health experts. They can explain how the crash has affected your mental and emotional state. Your lawyer can use their testimony to support your claim for compensation associated with pain and suffering.

When Do You Need Expert Witnesses?

The testimony and opinion of expert witnesses can be essential to the outcome of your car accident case. As your lawyer negotiates a settlement with an insurer, the credibility of an expert witness could persuade the insurer to reach a favorable agreement. An expert witness can also provide valuable insights at trial to educate a judge or jury about some disputed matters in your case. 

If you have sustained injuries in a crash because of another party’s negligence, a skilled lawyer can help you secure fair compensation. Once they determine you have a valid case, they will discuss whether your case can benefit from an expert witness. 

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