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Using a learning management system is very easy for students as well as teachers. Just like any other website, students can access an LMS portal through the Internet. However, a lot of people face some challenges either because they are not familiar with the users of the Internet, or are not technologically advanced. This could be true, especially for those teachers who have always been teaching in classrooms, and was not born in the era of technological awakening.

Overcoming LMS challenges

To overcome the challenges related to using a learning management system, first, an institution has to understand the challenges.

  • Ineffective teacher training

Teachers are professionals who have been trained to adapt and use whatever means of education are provided. because previous training did not include using an LMS portal, most teachers are not well accustomed to the features. Inadequate training for such teachers had caused problems during the pandemic, but with regular use and everyday sessions, they too have become comfortable. Hence the solution to this challenge is not only training teachers but also ensuring that they get to practically experience online classes simultaneously. Some teachers who cannot adapt to the system can attend or collaborate with other expert educators to get used to this system.

  • Personalization problems

Whenever we use a digital device, we try to personalize it according to our convenience. For example, we set wallpaper to it, we set different timings of alarm clocks, and so on. Similarly, there are some features in a learning management system that can be customized and personalized according to the teacher student, and class requirements. Whenever teachers need to hold tests they can announce by publishing unnoticed on the online noticeboard, or they can set a reminder timing which will send a notification to the concerned students’ digital devices for submitting their assignments. In the same way, there are multiple ways in which personalization can help in class progress.

The problem of personalization arises under two circumstances. One is when the teacher or student cannot access the page or change and use some features for convenience. And the other is when no such feature availability is present. For the first circumstance, training or tutorial videos are enough. in the second instance, teachers should request the school management to properly modify the software and include much-needed features.

  • Presentation integration facilities

Even teachers who are not technologically advanced use presentation because it has been in the system forever, not only for taking classes but also for introducing ideas to numerous other institutions and firms. These presentations are widely used and are popular among students too for making projects.

Because most educators hold their online classes through an LMS portal, with no proper presentation integration in the LMS classes cannot be continued efficiently. The first solution is to send a link directly to students through any other communication means without accessing the convenience of video classes through the portal. In the long run, however, schools should allocate for search presentation integrations. 

  • Course content management

An LMS portal organizes and piles data in chronological order for students to access and study. Sometimes due to the cloud backup issue, all of this data could be erased, putting the students and teachers in a star spot. Some learning management systems don’t have the feature of organizing course content at all and the teachers just give out PDFs or references that students can look up on the Internet. Both of these issues need to be addressed and looked after by the school management system.

Tips for the school management

At the end of the day, it is the people in the school management who can access and make decisions about the LMS portals. They can take care of other challenges by;

  • Taking decisions according to this school culture and medium of classes is the most useful for teachers and students.
  • Making modifications and investing in updating the LMS system or software.
  • Create a strategy according to which the features of the system will be set and maintained.
  • Organize training for teaching staff and special training for students on how to use this system.
  • Set up a support system for teachers and students in case they face problems in using learning management software.
  • Be aware of the limits of this system.

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