Clever Strategies to Score High in Exams


Exams are a very necessary part of learning but one can’t succeed in exams just by becoming a bookworm. Exams are such miraculous processes which can evaluate your hard work for the whole year in just 2-3 hours of your performance in the exams. We all know that exams are very necessary for our evaluation that for how far we are good in our knowledge and information regarding the subject we are studying as students. Students have a lot on their minds regarding exams as usually they have a perception that exams are a nightmare for them whereas there is nothing like that. Instead, exams are that gateway by going through which a student gets chance to measure his preparation and level of knowledge. Though these days school managements are taking care of student’s learning process at higher level & for this purpose they have appointed Learning management system which has implemented enterprise resource planning to make learning and exams system better. This combination of learning management system and enterprise resource planning has made teaching-learning & exams system so easy to cope up with that, students are no more scared of exams than before. Still after such good facilities it is common finding students scared in the name of exams and this makes students morally weak and terrified due to which students forget even what they had prepared properly for the exam, in the exam hall. Such nervousness happens due to lack of proper preparation. So, let’s have a glance on the clever strategies to score high in exams:

  • A very clever strategy for the proper preparation to score high in the exams is to make a proper time-table. A time-table which should include proper adjustment of time provided to each subject and which can make it easy for the student to give ample amount of time for the preparation of each and every subject. Due to this well-planned time table no subject will be left behind for the preparation and one can have good marks in exams.
  • Exams are not a big deal for any student. Main problem lies in the perception and attitude of the students. Students always have a negative attitude towards exams and they fear it a lot. Whereas they have to keep their attitude positive only regarding the exams. This is so because when students enter the examination hall being terrified and in fear of failing then this negative attitude scares them so much that they forget whatever they have prepared so they need to be optimistic and calm while entering the examination hall.
  • Students should avoid being pressurized due to their peers. It is so because their peer group contains both weak and intelligent students and when intelligent students always shout of their better preparation then this pressurizes the weak students a lot and they forget their prepared matter too being in stress. Hence, students need to focus on themselves only instead of looking into others.
  • When teachers teach in the class then it is necessary for each and every student to focus and concentrate on what the teacher is teaching. When a student pays proper attention in the class then he or she understands the topics properly and he or she doesn’t need preparation apart from class teaching. He/she should raise queries also while learning in the class, this gives the chance to the students to get solutions to their confusions and queries also.
  • Students need to stick to the syllabus of their curriculum. This is necessary because usually mediocre students follow intelligent students and in order to follow their preparation level, they start to read books and syllabus of other curriculum other than theirs, which later confuses them during their preparation and lastly, they are unable to decide what to study and they score poor marks.
  • Students need to practice and revise again and again as much as they can. This revision method helps a lot to memorize easy to tough matters in a jiffy. Students should trust their preparation and should relax during their preparation to keep their mind calm. During exams students should start writing with easiest questions and lasting with toughest one and should write in neat and clean handwriting during exams.

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