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When should I Avail car AC repair services?

The Air Conditioning system is made up of many parts including a compressor that functions in tandem with the engine; an expansion valve that controls the flow of refrigerant; and two heat exchangers including the evaporator and condenser. Refrigerant is a fluid that turns into a gas and back to liquid form, flowing throughout the system. One should try and opt for car ac repair service should you face the following issues ever

 Cold air not coming out from the AC vents

Whenever you face this issue, it is generally caused by a leak of the refrigerant in your air conditioning system. All of the parts of the AC system depend on the refrigerant to make sure the cooling is happening properly. If there is a reduction in the quantity of the refrigerant in the car, all the other parts won’t be able to work properly.

 No Air Coming From the Vents

This is more of a serious issue and mostly can’t be zeroed down onto one specific part or problem. Your car ac service mechanic will need to check all the components and work down to the problem by the law of elimination. There can be a number of problems affecting your ac system and the following are some of them because of which the problems might occur.

  • If the fuse is blown, there will be no power for the blower motor and that will not allow the air to be blown from the ac vent
  • Blower motors can get damaged over time and that might be another issue for air not to flow continuously through the vents. The blower resistor also works with the blower motor which helps in controlling the air pressure in your car and that can also get affected if the blower motor malfunctions
  • Air enters most cars through two main areas – through the vents below the windshield and the second is the air that is recirculated which is already present within the cabin. If any of the filters are blocked, the vents automatically reduce the air blowing into the cabin

Air does come out of the vents but it’s not cold

This is caused due to reduction of the refrigerant in the system because the refrigerant is the main reason for the air coming in to become cold as it enters the cabin. If there is a reduction in the refrigerant, the air instantly stops becoming cold and it’s a sign that

 Car AC system makes weird sounds after turning it on

Whenever your car makes any kind of sound that wasn’t previously present, take it as a sign of an issue. AC systems are supposed to make no sounds when they are in use and if there are any kind of sounds that you may hear when the ac is turned on, it is a sign that some part of the ac system is malfunctioning. You will need to contact your car ac service mechanic to check into the same at the earliest

 AC turns on but then goes on to send hot air through the vents

There are many times that the car ac is functioning well and suddenly the car becomes hot because of warm air being sent through the ac vents. It is quite possible that the expansion valve has malfunctioned because of which the right amount of refrigerant is not being sent to the evaporator and hence the hot air inside the cabin. Your car ac service mechanic will figure out the problem for you and have the expansion valve repaired or replaced

These were some of the problems that might affect your car ac system at some point in time and you can get the same checked by your car ac repair technician who will figure out the problem for you. Get your car ac service done every six to eight months if you happen to use your car daily and if your use is not much, then you can also get it done once a year. Most of the problems mentioned above can be solved during your ac car service or ac car repair.

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