Canvas printing: what you need to know


BSPROMO printing can work for not only outdoor advertising or commercial tasks. It’s a very broad field, and even the average citizen can order a print job. It’s just that most of the orders come from legal entities.

Quite common is printing on canvas. Here are ample opportunities to create paintings with any motif, ranging from macro images and ending with portraits. And there are no special restrictions, especially on the image. The main thing is that it corresponds to some parameters.

However, you should correctly approach the choice of canvas, especially if you plan to hang the picture in the living room. However, the choice of fabric is relevant not only here, but also for any printing, including the production of advertising designs Banderolas Publicitarias.

However, for advertising you can also look at other Stands such as ROLL UP.

Varieties of canvases

Today, the following types of canvases are available for printing:

  • It’s not hard to guess that the materials used are natural fibers. They can be made of linen or cotton. On the one hand, this is good, the material is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, there are nuances that you need to pay attention to for the image to get the best quality, in particular – filling the cells of the fibers with primer;
  • Their main trump cards are strength, reliability, durability, resistance to most external influences. Also can boast a huge variety of textures, which provides ample opportunity for creativity. And are inexpensive in comparison with the previous option. True, in the living room is not the most successful solution, it is better to use such canvases for commercial purposes;
  • This is a successful union of natural and chemical fibers. Natural ones are represented by the same linen or cotton threads, and chemical ones – by lavsan or polyester. Such canvases are famous for their pure white color, and there is an attractive sheen on the surface.

Of course, when choosing a canvas, it is important to consider not only the materials of manufacture, but also other characteristics. And they can vary, and it does not depend on whether the canvas is natural, synthetic or combined.

Today they are produced quite a lot, and there is a lot to choose from.

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