Buying Marijuana From A Dispensary In Michigan: How To Do It Right The First Time


Marijuana which was an object of controversy and clouded judgement in the past is now being widely accepted as a medical alternative for many Michigan residents. With the legalization of medical marijuana since 2008, people have always been on the lookout for a Michigan dispensary for cannabis products and other extracts. And as the stigma is slowly fading with every passing year, more and more customers find themselves willing to visit a dispensary but don’t have the slightest clue in the right way to shop for products. But don’t worry about that! This article highlights the things every customer needs to do to pick products from a dispensary like a pro.

One in five Michigan residents enjoys cannabis and cannabis-related products, growing Michigan’s marijuana market by the billions. So, for the first-timers excited to try this out, keep these things in mind to make cannabis shopping in a Michigan dispensary stress-free:

  1. The first and foremost thing to have is a state-issued ID like a driving license or a passport. Any government-issued ID with contact details and proof of age authorized by the local government body will do. This is a must-have and there’s no way around it as shopkeepers can’t sell marijuana products to those who are not of legal age. If they do, they will be met with severe consequences including jail time.
  2. In terms of payment, cash or card will do just fine and most dispensaries in Michigan will also have online payment capabilities so the way of payment won’t be an issue. But, just to keep things convenient, cash might be better.
  3. The shopkeeper may want to know whether the customer wants to buy cannabis products for medical use or recreational purposes. So be prepared to answer that question. First-timers who have no idea what to go for can look up various product details online or talk with the shopkeeper and get their recommendations. Each product gives a customer a different experience so buy one that fits best according to the occasion or the need.
  4. Be honest with expectations and answers and don’t be shy to ask any questions related to the product or the experience. New customers will have a lot to clear up before their first purchase so don’t pull back from prying for details. The person behind the register will always be more than happy to aid or answer any questions.
  5. Just to be on the safe side, it’s better to get a diagnosis from a medical practitioner or a doctor and see if the body will react negatively to cannabis. Although it’s not common, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If a person does have any allergies, the doctor will prescribe what they can use and what they shouldn’t buy.
  6. Purchase the product after a thorough examination and only if the customer is comfortable with it. Owing to the legality of the product, once the purchases are done, it’s final and no refunds will be entertained. For safety reasons, start with something light and see how the experience turns out. If it’s positive, go for stronger products and control the intake.

Above all, be open to new experiences and find a friend who has already tried cannabis products before. It’s easy to feel a wide range of emotions during use and that’s perfectly normal. Just make sure that the environment of the room is safe for such an activity. Read up on what’s allowed under Michigan law and follow those strictly. Stay safe, be responsible with the product and have fun!

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