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Dads sometimes get a raw deal when it comes to birthdays, particularly compared to the rest of the family! Mums tend to get a range of carefully chosen gifts – or at the very least an array of gift vouchers that they can enjoy using at their favourite shop. Mums also always seem to have long lists of easy-to-buy yet inexpensive gifts that the whole family can pick up quickly, and come to the special occasion, they are pretty much guaranteed to have plenty of wrapped presents to unwrap! However, gifts for dad tend to be a bit of an afterthought – some socks perhaps, or a book. A bottle of wine or a novelty mug or even order cake online in Mumbai – often gifts for dad are picked up in a hurry and without too much thought, leaving him with drawer upon drawer of novelty socks every year!

Gifts that hit the mark!

This year, resolve to make a change and show dad just how much he means to you. Why not make this the year that you don’t pick up something on the hop from the local garage and present it in its original carrier bag! This year can be when you find a present that he’ll enjoy opening – and will keep! It doesn’t need to be expensive either – there is a vast range of gifts for dad that are low in price but high in enjoyment, and the best ranges can often be online. The great thing about buying gifts for dad online is that there are large catalogues with unusual presents on offer in some of the specialist gift stores online – things that are otherwise hard to find online and which you might never have seen before. It’s also far easier to get your gifts for dad selected, ordered, paid for online and then delivered directly to your door – no more faffing around in the city centre on a busy Saturday afternoon! Even better, you can even select to have your gifts pre-wrapped, so you can guarantee they’ll arrive looking perfect – even more convenient for you!

Gifts with a personal touch

An excellent example of an inexpensive present that he’ll like is the personalised golf calendar. It will be presented bearing his name and shows some high-quality images of his favourite game, with his name incorporated into various golfing scenes – such as a golf bunker and golfing cart. You can also include a personal message; there are three calendar versions to select. Simply type in your message and the name you want to appear when you order the calendar, and it will arrive in its own envelope – just ready to pop up in dad’s office or in the kitchen and be filled with exciting appointments! If golfing isn’t his game either, there are a wide range of other personalised calendars too – covering other sports such as rugby and football or featuring beautiful countryside or cityscape images.

Fun gifts with a whimsical edge!

The USB game ‘whack it’ is designed to be an instant classic! Incredibly simple and yet horribly addictive, this game involves hitting brightly coloured heads as they light up and flash – and the game speeds up as you whack the little characters until you finish in a frenzy of whacking! It’s the ultimate manic two minutes of fun, and an LCD screen displays your final score. The game comes with a USB cord and batteries and will provide lots of fun for dad as well as you! Just don’t believe him when he says he’s ‘working’ on the computer…the sounds of chuckling and hitting of the game board will suggest otherwise! These are, of course, just two ideas that can be given as gifts for dad that are also a bit different from the norm and guaranteed to make dad’s day. You’ll find a massive range of other ideas online, too – covering sports, hobbies, novelty gifts and foodie presents. And if you don’t have much money to spend on presents, why not consider making something too? A homemade card, or a cake – just two ideas of simple presents that are guaranteed to make your dad’s day and show him that you’ve really thought about him. Go that extra mile this year and give your dad a gift – and a memory – that he will cherish!

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