Benefits of washing your car


This article contains the benefits of washing your car regularly and the different methods that you can use to get your car cleaned.

All about car- washing

If you are a car-owner, then you will definitely agree with me that one of the best ways to keep your vehicle in a good condition is by cleaning it regularly. Many people don’t know this but, car washing has several hidden benefits to the car and the owner.

  • Protecting the paint job

When dirt accumulates on your car and stays there for a while, it can react with the paint and damage it making your car look ugly. This can be avoided by regularly washing your car.

  • Increases fuel efficiency

Eventhough this sounds crazy, it is true. When mud and dirt accumulates on your car, it increases drag which makes the car to use more fuel.

  • Maintaining the resale value.

Many car-owners do not like using one vehicle for long periods. They have a habit of selling their cars before they get old. One way of ensuring the cost of your vehicle remains high is by regular cleaning hence making it look new.

Types of carwashes

  • Hand car-wash

People who consider the price of high pressure car wash machine mostly depend on this method of washing to clean their cars. Car-owners with limited time and resources higher the services of professionals to do this on their behalf. This is the cheapest car-washing type to set up as it only requires sources of water and a detergent. Even though it is cheap, it takes a lot of time and physical effort.

  • Touchless car-wash

This involves a flexible machine spray which reaches all parts of the car using high pressure water jets. A chemical which doubles up as cleaner and a polish is applied to the vehicle and left on for a couple of minutes to do its magic. After that the vehicles is sprayed using water and the vehicle remains sparkling clean.The problem with this method is that the chemical used at times reacts with the car paints.

  • Self- service car wash.

In this system, car-owners go people who have pressure washers and pay for the service but do the cleaning on their own. In short they hire the car washing equipment including detergents. This is also less expensive and one can take as much time washing their car while paying attention to specific areas.

  • In-bay Automatic car wash

This type is normally found in petrol stations and most commonly used by those who are travelling. After covering several miles and you feel tired of hungry, you can stop by a petrol station and get your car cleaned for you by professionals. Customers have a variety of cleaning options in these places depending on their budget.

  • Tunnel system car wash

This is one of the most advanced methods of car washing as it saves customers time. The whole process of washing and drying of a car takes at most 10 minutes. The customer only needs to drive the car into a tunnel where a conveyor system takes over and moves the vehicle to different stages of cleaning. Here more than one car can be cleaned simultaneously.

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