Are You Deep Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen Often Enough?


As the owner of a commercial kitchen, you have a certain responsibility to ensure that it’s kept as hygienically clean as possible, and although you might not realize it, you have a legal responsibility to keep it clean, too.

While you may feel that your own cleaning methods employed on a regular basis are enough to keep your commercial kitchen hygienically clean, the law dictates that you have it deep cleaned by a professional company such as can be found here: every six months. This is to prevent pests from making a nuisance in your kitchen and possibly contaminating the food prepared and cooked within it, and if such cleaning is neglected, you may find that you are breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

No matter whether you don’t have pests in your commercial kitchen right now, and don’t believe you ever will, there is always the possibility that they can find their way in, and when they do, it could spell disaster for your business.

Does the deep cleaning have to be carried out by a professional company?

Every six months, food safety laws in the UK dictate that you have your commercial kitchen deep cleaned, and this must be carried out by a commercial kitchen deep cleaning company who are qualified to do so. While you may wish you didn’t have to pay for this every year, your kitchen will be spotlessly clean afterwards, and there will be no chance of pests being attracted to it due to unclean surfaces, rotten food or anything else being present that they might want to feed off of. This is of course good news for you, and its possibly even better news for those who consume your food!

Additionally, by having your kitchen professionally cleaned, you can keep your food prep equipment in better condition, and not have to replace it or have it repaired as often.

Commercial kitchen cleaning and pests

No matter how clean you keep your commercial kitchen, there is always the risk of pests such as cockroaches, mice and rats paying it a visit and leaving their harmful droppings all over the place, or landing on food and contaminating it, in the way that flies do. While your own regular cleaning might keep the kitchen looking clean on the surface, what about the dirt, dust and food debris that could well be lurking in every nook and cranny, behind cupboards, and even under appliances.

Any kind of pest infestation (or even a small problem with just a few of them, which it’s important to note, can turn into a major infestation if left untreated, and often overnight!) is bad news for businesses in the food industry, as you’re at risk of serving up food to customers that has been contaminated with all manner of potentially harmful allergens, diseases, and bacteria like E-coli and Salmonella, among others. Not only could you cause harm to your customers, but your reputation could well be harmed beyond repair, too.

Should your commercial kitchen fall prey to a serious infestation or outbreak, you could breach food hygiene regulations and risk prosecution, or your kitchen being closed.

Ultimately, a kitchen is never truly and hygienically clean, until it has been deep cleaned. Fortunately, though, you can make this process easy by hiring a trustworthy local company to come in and degrease and sanitize your commercial kitchen to a standard that goes well beyond basic food hygiene standards.

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