8 Ways to Watch Movies at home


Watching a movie on a big screen at home on a Sunday afternoon maybe the best thing. Almost everyone likes movies, but if you are passionate about cinema, the options for watching films multiply: in your bedroom, in the backyard, by the pool, in a room specially adapted for the occasion.

8 ways to watch movies at home:

  1. Projector in the living room. Popcorn and movie can be one of the most appealing plans for a cold and rainy afternoon or a lazy Sunday. To do this, one of the best ways to watch movies at home is to buy a drop-down flat screen for the living room so you can watch your favorite films from the sofa in your living room.
  2. Projector on a wall. There is nothing more comfortable and natural than watching a movie lying on the floor between cushions. For this, you just need a flat wall, a projector, and a lot of big and comfortable cushions to be able to see it in a ‘hippie’ way.
  3. A specific cinema room with a large sofa. If you don’t like the floor, but you do like seeing it accompanied by your friends, how about you get this large flat sofa that can almost act as a bed? The result will be 100% comfort.
  4. Cinema in the swimming pool. There can be nothing more relaxing than watching classic -or non-classic- movies while taking a relaxing bath. It will be a magical setting to gather a group of guests and watch videos and movies in a more than original place.
  5. Cinema in the fireplace. Why can’t you enjoy the outside on winter nights? The solution is to get close to a roaring fireplace, a blanket, and having hot tea, and watch your favorite movie on a big screen TV.
  6. Cinema in the basement. If you plan to watch a movie with your friends and want to create an almost cinema near me atmosphere, the best thing to do would be to fit out your basement -which is also the darkest place in the house- with an extra-large screen and even with curtains… the space will be spectacular.
  7. Cinema in your chill out corner. An ergonomic chair and a large plasma screen is all you need. If you dim the lights and leave an environment with dim lighting, you will create a totally relaxed environment. 
  8. Cinema on the terrace. On hot summer nights, you want to spend time with your family or friends outdoors to enjoy the night breeze, nature, and views. In addition, we can add some comfortable floor cushions and a table with snacks, in order to enjoy a great movie night.

However, the space you choose, the screen or sound system you use, or the way you do it, will depend on your preferences and tastes. What options do you have? Don’t forget to tell us, we would love to hear from you.

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