8 Tips to Find the Perfect Solar Installer


A solar cell panel is a group of solar cells mounted in a system for generating electricity. Solar panels use sunlight and utilize it to generate electricity and thereby they save our environment from pollution. Installing solar panels in houses, buildings or hotels not only helps in creating a better and sustainable environment for our future generations but also helps in saving a lot of money.

Now let’s understand what to look for while selecting the right solar installers:

1. Credibility and Expertise

The installer you are hiring should be an expert at his job. He must have hands-on experience working in the solar or related field for at least 2 years. To make sure, you can ask him a few questions like how many solar energy systems they have installed? What modules does he use and why? What can he inform about warranty claims in the case, the system starts giving problems?

2. License and Insurance

Solar companies should have the required license and insurance policies to prove their accreditation. At the least, a general electrical contractor’s license is a must. You should be certain that they are licensed to handle the wiring of your house and other electrical components. Other than that, installers must hold general liability insurance. SRP preferred solar installers have both license and insurance.

3. Affirm Workmanship Warranties

A workmanship guarantee is a significant part of any solar power installation. Normal organizations cover your paneling somewhere between 1 to 25 years. When a company offers 10 years of coverage and also an extension period offer, be sure about their presence in the business. New companies can promise these in order to close sales, but when you are investing, you would like to be sure that the company sticks around even after 10 years.

4. Track Record Experience

Solar is a rapidly growing industry that is attracting crowds from diverse fields. Therefore it can be tricky to find a good company with years of experience. But you would like to be sure that the company won’t drop you before the project is finished. Hence, having a good track record is important. If you ask, the company must be able to show previous work samples.

5. Transparency

The company should be transparent about the entire possess of installation and answer any of your queries. Also, if they are going to include subcontractors, the company must inform you first. Learn about the roles of the subcontractors and also under what work the manager will oversight.

6. Addressing Roof Conditions

Before installing solar panels, the first step is to assess the condition of your roof. Ask your installer if roof repairing is required prior to installation. Oftentimes, the installers install the panels around protruding vents, you might not like how it looks, so in that case, while repairing your roof, you may request for relocation of the vent pipes and if that isn’t possible, replace the protruding pipes with low-profile vent openings that can fit under the panels. Ask your installer to mention the roof repairing if it is necessary.

7. Competitive Quotes

Different installers might charge a different price for the same task. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the quotes from different installers. Experience installers quote the price based on the size of your home, energy consumption, and other factors. To make a wise decision you can get an idea of the pricing from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Tracking the Sun report. It has installation prices noted down for the entire United States depending on different factors.

8. Reviews and Testimonials

Search about the installation company before hiring them. Learn about other people’s experience with the company and if you find everything to be alright, hire the company for installation.

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