7 Facts To Know About A Lumbar Traction Device


Traction is used for lower back pain, and it is often treated with a combination of techniques. You will find that lumbar traction is one of the most popular options, and it uses a harness with Velcro straps; you will notice that the straps go around the lower rib cage and your iliac crest. The harness is versatile enough that the force exerted can be varied straightforwardly. You will also find that there are very few cases of this method hurting a patient, which means that it is an option that is highly used.

A Lumbar Device Is Safe

As stated above, you will see that there are few adverse side effects to this treatment method. Because this has been proven effective, you will know that you may avoid surgery. While that isn’t the case for everyone, it could be for you as your back injuries will differ from others.

A Lumbar Traction Device Is Straightforward

A lumbar traction device is a highly straightforward process, and with the easy read pressure gauge, you have total control over the force at all times. You will also find that the instructions on the device when you buy online are easy to understand.

The Cost Is Far Less

Back surgery will cost you far more than a device that can save you from one. Whereas you only pay for one device, surgery and follow-up clinical care can lead to expenses in the thousands.

A More Reliable Option

A lumbar traction device is more reliable than other options because they offer a pneumatic system patented to ensure a force accuracy that is far more reliable than alternative methods. You also get an efficient amount of traction with a leak-free performance.

A Lumbar Traction Device Is More Consistent

A lumbar traction device is more consistent than other options available to you. That is since it has a split-table design. This does for your body to mimic clinical traction, which offers you a better treatment experience.

There Is Less Force Involved

With a lumbar traction device, you have less force due to the blow-off valve. It will limit the amount of force applied to the target area. That is highly beneficial because it means that you can avoid injuries and other issues that would limit your mobility.

Avoid The Friction

Thanks to smooth motion abilities, you will find that you can avoid friction entirely and smooth the surface. That offers you the best chance of comfort and mobility. In addition to this, it ensures that you don’t get scratches or bruises from uncomfortable rubbing.

Using A Lumbar Traction Device For Your Benefit

Using a lumbar traction device is highly beneficial for your back and the future of your body. You will also find that your wallet and mind will thank you as you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on surgery. Because of the multiple benefits that it offers with safety and comfort, you will find that you have an excellent option for avoiding any future issues.

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