7 Beneficial Essential Oils Found in CBD Massage Oil


CBD oil is an excellent base for massage oils because it can help with chronic pain relief and sore muscles. It also relieves stress and anxiety when used as a massage oil. Adding essential oils to CBD oil-based massage oil enhances the benefits that the users get during massages.

The best CBD massage oils contain essential oils that are good for the skin and alleviate stress or anxiety. Get the best CBD massage oil from CBDClinicals.com.Here are some of the popular essential oils you should look for in massage oils containing CBD oil.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is protein-rich oil that deeply moisturizes the skin and helps fight off any free radical cells. It can soothe the skin and help in the reduction of stretch marks. The oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, making it suitable for protecting against sun damage.

Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A that penetrate the skin to heal wounds faster. It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties suitable for rejuvenating and nourishing skin cells. It is popular in CBD massage oil because it makes the skin soft to the touch and has a cooling effect on sensitive skin.

Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is a popular massage oil because it contains vitamin E and anti-aging properties. The oil penetrates signs of aging by penetrating the skin and rejuvenating skin cells to improve the skin’s elasticity. It keeps the skin plump and cells healthy while slowing down aging.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower oil is used on dry skin to moisturize it because it is rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid. Sunflower oil creates a protective layer that prevents the skin from losing moisture while protecting it from sun damage. It is light oil and penetrates the skin fast without leaving grease.

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper essential oil helps relieve pain in joints and muscles. It can help relieve aches, muscle soreness, and arthritis.

It also helps repair the epidermis and reduces the signs of premature aging. Also, the detoxifying properties of the oil will help the skin fight against impurities that cause damage.

Turmeric Root Oil

Turmeric oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties beneficial for all skin types. It is a natural remedy for muscle stiffness, muscle pain, and joint pain, especially for individuals active in sports or suffering from arthritis. Also, it can help in restoring the firmness of aging skin.

Clove Bud Oil

Clove essential oil relieves muscle pain when applied to the skin. It also speeds up wound healing and acts as an antidote for itchy skin. It has a warm aroma that enhances the massage experience and can warm the skin during massages.

Do Essential Oils Increase the Benefits of CBD Massage Oil?

Yes. CBD oil is suitable for massages, but adding essential oils to create CBD oil-based massage oil boosts its potency. Some of the essential oils warm the skin, others take care of the skin, and most enhance the effects of using CBD massage oil to relieve pain and aches.


CBD massage oil contains essential oils to boost its potency and take care of the skin. The essential oils in the massage oil are fast absorbing and don’t leave the skin greasy after use. Overall, you will ease your pain and take care of your skin every time you use the oil for massages.

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