5 Common Types of Bathtubs You Need To Know


Your eyes are closed, your body soaked in the warm, soothing water, washing away the hard day’s stress.

Who doesn’t want to spend the rest of the day like that? While bathtubs spell relaxation, choosing the right bathtub for your budget, space, and style can be tricky but not at all impossible.


Drop-in tubs are mostly favoured for their installation flexibility as they are “dropped in” to custom decks or frames. This type of tub features a raised rim to avoid water spills while soaking in deep water, which is the best way to relax after a stressful day.

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Drop-in tubs are made of different materials. Fibreglass, for example, is an affordable choice, lightweight, and easy-to-replace fabric. Fibreglass, however, is the most brittle material on the market, making it much more prone to damage. The colour may also deteriorate from cleaning materials and may not suit you if you’re into durability.

Porcelain, acrylic, cast iron, and ceramic are other options you can choose from depending on style and design, weight, space, and budget.


Buying a bathtub usually comes with the issue of space. Well, not anymore. Designed to save space in the bathroom, corner bathtubs may be the best choice if you have a small bathroom space. Though they usually come in a triangular shape, their design is not limited by the corner you need to fill in.

For obvious reasons, the most important thing to consider when buying a corner tub is the size. Make sure to coordinate with your contractor for the exact measurement of the corner before buying the tub.


Freestanding tubs are finished on all sides and can be installed independently without a deck or frame, and they can be situated anywhere in the bathroom. This type of tub is best for full-body immersion due to its larger size and depth, which may not be suitable for small spaces.

The most important consideration when buying a freestanding tub is the location. The plumbing for freestanding tubs usually comes up through the floor, so the area depends on access to plumbing.


The main feature of this tub is the installed door, which eliminates the need to step into a tub ledge, making it best for those who have limited mobility and other safety features.

Walk-in tubs offer a luxury, therapeutic, and safe bath experience. This tub is usually designed with low step-in entry points, easy-grip handrails, and slip-resistant surfaces for an effortless and secure bath.


The most common bathtub has three sides flanked or enclosed against a wall.

Because it is installed held to a wall on three sides, this tub is limited in style, either square or rectangular, and the size depends on the existing alcove.

Nevertheless, if your budget is tight, an alcove bathtub is mostly the cheapest, and easiest to install, available tubs in the market.

Whether you prefer the most luxurious type, like a freestanding tub, one with safety features like walk-in tubs, or the easiest to install, such as an alcove and drop-in tub, the most important aspect to consider in any of these tubs is the size of the bathroom.

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Considering buying a bathtub can be a complicated process, but understanding learning about tubs is the best way to start.

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