The SEO world is always evolving and it can get exhausting trying to always catch up. Google makes numerous changes every year. For example, you could have ranked higher even without a mobile-friendly website till the Google algorithm update 2016, but after the update of the Mobile-Friendly algorithm, it’s nearly impossible to achieve. This means that your site may not drive enough traffic compared to last year, so you need to always find ways of increasing the organic traffic of your website.

Here are the techniques that’ll make it easier for you.

The Best Techniques for Increasing Organic Traffic

1. Earn Authority Backlinks

Backlinks are considered one of the top rating factors for search engines, but earning relevant backlinks from respectable websites is quite a challenge.

The best method for earning organic backlinks is by creating unique and informative content that may appeal to popular sites. Creating good content is not enough, but it’s certainly the key. When choosing appealing topics, try to think about what will be interesting for journalists and publishers, as they are your main source of backlinks. 

Create content such as:

  • Infographics
  • Research studies
  • Calculations
  • Insights from experts

2. Optimize Your Website for “People Also Ask”

Long gone are the days when only the first 10 ranking sites in the top results of Google were relevant. Now you need to work on more features for good traffic. One of these features is the “People Also Ask” (PAA) section.

PAA not only helps you rank higher but also to appear on the same page twice. It can assure a permanent top result for your website if your content covers the questions your customers are often asking. Furthermore, about 75% of PAA results are permanently shown in the top 3 results of search engines.

3. Perform Image Optimization

Google likes websites with optimized and eye-catching images. They make your website more user-friendly and result in driving more organic traffic.

Content-related images cover the content of your page and make it easy to read for search engine algorithms. Avoid using unrelated images as they may be identified as a manipulation for traffic gaining and worsen your site’s ranking. Also, don’t use heavy images as they can decrease your site’s page speed.

4. Update Your Old Content And Blog Posts

As mentioned before, search engines keep evolving, so you need to stay relevant for all new updates. If you frequently update your old content, Google will pay more attention to your website. Fresh content makes it easier for Google to search your web page once more.

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Remember, the key is quality content, not frequent posts. So, instead of posting more short articles that have no real value, try to write more high-quality posts even if not as frequent. Visit your old blog posts and check your keywords. If necessary, try to implement more fitting and targeted keywords. Check your old links and find the broken ones or the ones that seem outdated and fix them.

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When it comes to generating organic traffic, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Each market must develop its organic traffic growth strategy. If you want to see your site’s organic traffic growth in the future, you’ll need to go beyond the basics and delve into SEO tactics that will push your site forward. Take into account the techniques that have been mentioned above for the best results.


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