4 New Activities to Help you Enjoy this Summer Sober Free


Summer is a time to unwind, soak up the sun, and escape the humdrum of daily life. Nevertheless, if your normal pattern is disrupted throughout the summer, you may become bored. Boredom is the adversary of persons in early recovery. Boredom allows the mind to drift and dwell on negative thoughts.

Summertime presents special problems for young recovering addicts since it is frequently filled with parties, BBQs, and outdoor engagements that almost always include alcohol.

If this is your first summertime in recovery, remember that while it will be different from previous summers, it will not be less enjoyable. Here are four entertaining sober things to keep you occupied this summer if you don’t want to drink.

Go on a camping retreat

Spending too much time on social networking can lead to feelings of worry, melancholy, and loneliness.

Alternatively, go on a therapeutic camping trip with a group of sober friends for technological detoxification.

Gather your gear such as camping lights, knives, chairs, and bags, and head off into the woods for a weekend of camaraderie, meditation, and nature. Camping with your pals allows you to strengthen your bonds, enjoy fresh air, and clear your head of the latest social media tendencies. Meditation can assist you in improving self-awareness and mental well-being by incorporating it into your camping retreat.

Begin a new hobby

Once you stop drinking or using drugs, you may see the increased free and unoccupied time. Finding a new activity or learning a new skill is one approach to pass the time while supporting your recuperation. Discovering a new pastime, whether it’s to learn a new activity or improve your artistic abilities, can present the best mental health perks:

  • Stress levels have been reduced.
  • Self-esteem has increased.
  • Improved focus abilities.
  • Greater sense of responsibility and devotion.

Host a Sober BBQ

Barbeques are a common summertime activity that frequently includes an abundance of alcoholic beverages. Spend some time this summer planning and hosting your alcohol-free barbecue. Bring a couple of your sober friends along to assist you in selecting some wonderful food and preparing it. At the same time, the remainder of your support network chats and plays backyard activities.

A sober BBQ can be a wonderful option for the conventional summertime beer-filled cookout. It allows you to socialize with your sober friends, enjoy the outdoors, and eat delicious food straight from the grill.

Volunteer work

Volunteering to assist others is an important part of healing. Volunteering at a local animal shelter or soup kitchen is a terrific opportunity to serve the community while also occupying your time. Volunteering can boost your self-esteem and sense of meaning, give you a more positive mindset, and improve your general mental wellbeing, all of which can help you fight sadness and stress.


Allowing yourself to be sober during the summer should not be a depressing experience! Without a drink or a drug, there are numerous methods to enjoy life.

If you’re bored this summertime, try some of these entertaining sober activities to keep things interesting. While at it, take some time to get into Toms River AA meetings. They have a staff of experienced addiction and treatment specialists who have assisted numerous people in maintaining their sobriety.

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