2 Major things Most Metal Contractors fail to know about Metal Roofing


When you dig into this situation, you will find major considerations related to metal roofing that a roofing contractor Edmonton isn’t always aware of. Check them out:


There are different types and grades of metal used by homeowners for metal roofing and they all render different performance results. The selected metal can dramatically affect the performance of the roof with regards to durability, energy-efficacy, and other points.

With steel, you should not just be aware of the type of steel, but also the grade of steel to gauge its performance. Steel with zinc or aluminum coating is still considered steel. You have different grades of steel and high-quality edge protection can be acquired with high-quality steel. A minimum grade of steel recommended for metal roofing is AZ50 and G90.

You should also consider the thickness of the metal also called its gauge. Metal has great tolerance and different manufacturers have different methods to boost its tolerance. But the ultimate performance of a roof system includes its design, coating and efficient installation rather than the gauge of the metal.

As steel is stronger than copper and aluminum, this is why copper and aluminum are thicker than steel when used to produced metal roofing. All metal roofs need additional care when walking on them, but what makes them the best option for your roof is that they don’t lose impact resistance with time.

As aluminum and copper are non-ferrous metals, they render better functionality than steel when installed in coastal regions or regions prone to rain.


The coating is the first defense that metal roofs have against everything. These coatings are applied to the metal and baked on. While copper and zinc are used in their mill saddle flashing position, steel and aluminum have these coatings:

Clear acrylic coating: Usually applied on steel with a metallic coating of aluminum. It gives a mill finish appearance and works as an entry-level roof. It may erode after 7 years.

Polyester coating: It has multiple grades. The coating is known for the resin present in the paint and the difference between the grades marks the quality of the pigments used in it. These coatings offer extremely amazing performance for 10 years and then they may fade away.

PVDF coating: They are considered to be the best coating for exterior building items. They are costlier coatings and will come with reduced warranties in colorful shades such as metallic shades.

So, these are the two critical things related to metal and its finishes that a metal roofing contractor Edmonton may not know about. Make sure you keep them in mind to meet your needs for elegance, performance, durability and lowering the operational expenses of your home.

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