What to Wear When Visiting the Casino


If you’ve ever watched any Hollywood movie, like Ocean’s Eleven or James Bond, you’ll have noticed the attire in casinos.

People like to dress up when they go and gamble. But this is not purely a personal choice for dressing. Many casinos have a dress code that clients and gamblers need to adhere to.

It’s not exactly the same for every casino, however. Some casinos, like your local casino, just down the road, might have a more casual dress code than a high-end casino.

The more luxurious casinos in places like New York or Las Vegas may require their patrons to dress more extravagantly.

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The way you dress up to gamble simply depends on where you decide to go. Every casino is different. Nonetheless, it’s good to know what to wear when you eventually decide to go to the casino with your friends.

That’s what this article is seeking to achieve. To provide you with the most comprehensive guide to casino attire, so that no matter where you go and gamble, you know what to wear.

Let’s jump right in.

Casual Casino Attire

Let’s start off with the simple casino apparel. Casual wear at a casino is mostly discouraged, but some lower end casinos may not have a dress code at all. But even where there is no dress code, knowing what casual wear works for your gambling is an important thing to know.

You want to feel confident when you sit down at the poker table, even if the dress code is strictly casual. So, what should you dress up in if you’re going to a local and casual casino?

For men, you want to feel comfortable, yet still look semi sleek in your casual casino attire. For the most part, a combination of shorts, slippers, and polo neck will be acceptable. These clothes are casual, comfortable, yet still rather slick.

For women, casual wear at the casino usually entails the same combination if you so choose. Sweaters and dresses, like a sundress, is more acceptable and more likely to pass as a casual casino outfit.

Overall, if you’re dressing up for a casual casino you shouldn’t sweat about what you’re wearing too much. Almost anything will be accepted, so long as it’s not your board shorts or pajamas. Try and dress to make yourself feel both comfortable and confident when visiting a casual dress code casino.

Business Casual Casino Attire

Now we move onto the casinos that are mid-range and require patrons to put more effort into their casino apparel. At these types of casinos, what you wear actually does matter, even if it’s not a full-on suit or flowing dress.

Think of a business meeting at a fancy restaurant where you’re looking to impress a potential client.

You’re going to want people to take note of what you’re wearing, and you certainly don’t want to look like you don’t belong. You’ll be able to tell immediately what the dress code entails when you walk into one of these mid to high range casinos.

For men, business casual entails a combination of chino long pants, suede shoes, and some kind of button up shirt. You won’t need to don a tie when visiting this type of casino but something like a button up and blazer will serve you well.

For women, visiting this kind of casino might be a bit more of a mission. You may need to visit the local dress shop to find what you’re looking for.

Business casual attire tends to be more difficult to put together for the fairer sex. In general you may want to look for a silhouette or classic fit type dress, in order to be deemed as an acceptable mid range casino patron.

Now let’s get into the real black tie casino business…

Black Tie Casino Attire

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond film, you’ve undoubtedly seen more than one scene in a high end casino. Bond is an avid and successful gambler, and most people put that down to his confident and sleek dress sense.

James Bond and his many mistresses is what you should be aiming for when visiting a high-end casino.

Unlike some of the great online sites like Grand Bay casino where you can play in the most comfortable pajamas you own, a high-end Las Vegas or New York casino will demand more out of your fashion choices.

Let’s start with men. Men should look for specifically a white button-down shirt. This should be paired with black suit pants and a fancy blazer of the same color. You will also need to find a tie that matches the entire suit.

Despite the name of the apparel, the tie itself doesn’t necessarily have to be black. You could look for a complimentary red or blue if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Now for the ladies. Look to some of the famous Bond women for a good guide as to how to dress for a black tie casino event. Try and look luxurious in order to catch the attention of your very own James Bond.

Your dress should be floor long. Sundresses at a black tie casino simply won’t do. The dress should be paired with some sparkle jewels to really complete the outfit. Evening shoes with heels will be the cherry on top of the cake.

When doing research for casino attire you may come across the term “white tie” casino apparel. How does this differ from black tie? Well, in short, white tie means that you kick black tie up a notch.

These types of casinos are considered themed casinos where everyone who visits and plays needs to act as if they’re a celebrity or a movie star. White tie casino apparel is the most formal type of attire you could wear while gambling.

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