What to Consider When Buying a Circular Saw


Every day, people engage in activities either from home or outside one’s gate. Each task is simpler with the right resources and skills to get work done.

A Circular saw is one of its kind that any user could opt for to produce excellent results.

What is a Circular Saw?

A circular saw is a powerful tool that uses blades to cut materials like wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and plastic products.

Its blades can be toothed or plain, depending on what you want to cut. In addition, its handle contains an on and off button guard that protects the user from coming into contact with the spinning blade arbor but assists in maintaining the blade in one position.

This process of cutting involves a rotational movement of the machine blade to finally produce the wanted piece of work by the woodcutter or metal fabricator.

Identifying The Perfect Circular Saw

Getting to know what works perfectly well is important. The price shouldn’t be a scarecrow if you know exactly the size of the circular saw and blade that will produce spectacular results. If you want to cut wood, use a ripping saw blade that gives a smooth and clear-cut. Other types of blades include; crosscut blades and combination blades that serve different purposes. They are designed to make corners in plywood, softwoods, hardwoods, etc.

Whether its all-purpose blades, thin or wide kerf blades, positive rake angles, and negative rake angles; whichever the choice you are covered.

In addition, its process is fast, thus producing long straight cuts. They appear in various types including; the grinding disc model, the cold type used for cutting metal, cement block, and plywood type.

Capacity to cut

This is a significant factor to consider before buying a circular saw. The saw with many teeth blades would do the task well compared to the other with few teeth.

Examples; A 10-toothed circular saw blade wouldn’t produce fine and smooth surfaces like the 30-toothed blade, a 1050W power rate performs faster than 50W powered saw. This in turn affects circular saw price in Kenya.


The weight of the circular saw is vital to the buyer. This could determine the final piece of work to be produced inform of balance rendered while handling the machine. For example; A battery installed may strain the user while using.


In most cases, depth adjustments can be altered if not correctly adjusted by the user. Furthermore, some circular saws have levers that are deeply locked for easy access.

However, it can turn out lost when placed in the working area.

Size of The Gullet

This is the space in front of each tooth that easily allows the removal of chips. The crosscutting blade’s chips are fewer and smaller on each tooth, making the gullet muchsmaller.

On the other hand, the large gullets existing in between teeth help to clear out accumulated chaff during the ripping process.

In Conclusion, well-designed materials like fiberglass, cement blocks, and plastic are a result of Circular Saw which is highly recommended to produce high-quality items that meet the market standards. Its price shouldn’t deter you from purchasing because it gives good results without regret.

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