What Is A Hairpiece? A Toupee or A Wig


Hairpieces are being widely used by men to hide their baldness. When an individual thinks of buying a hairpiece, he’s asked whether he wants a wig or a toupee. Most of the men can’t differentiate whether it’s a human hair toupee or a human hair wig. They just simply name it a hairpiece. A hairpiece is actually a toupee, not a wig. Let’s discuss how both of these hair products are different from each other. 


When somebody says he’s going to wear a hairpiece, he really means a toupee, not the wig. Toupee is masked on a certain portion of the head. The thin moisturizing layer of the mask is pasted on the skin with the help of glue or any other material. This is made sure that the thin layer is breathable. 

Lavivid hair toupee 

Lavivid is providing the best hair system. Lavivid contains a variety of hair toupees in its stock. Toupees are of different sizes having different lengths and widths. One can cut the size of the toupee according to head size. Moreover, toupees are available in multiple shades of black, brown, grey, and golden colors. The hair density also varies in percentage to exactly match your hairstyle. In addition to it, Lavivid provides you with products at different prices and features to help you choose according to your budget. Men can find the product of their choice on a single platform. Purchase Lavivid man hairpieces and you’ll never regret it. 


Wigs are manufactured to cover the baldness of the head. These are not meant to mask the patches of baldness. When the wig is applied, it covers the whole head and not only certain places. It really looks like the hanging hairs of women you see in the market when you visit the market. It is now more in fashion for women. For men, wigs are now out of fashion.   

Lavivid hair wig 

Along with hairpieces, Lavivid is providing the best hair system. These wigs are a part of the best hair system as they do not require any pasting on the head. You can easily use a wig on your head and more easily remove it as compared to the toupee or other hairpieces. Furthermore, these wigs are available with hair of different sizes and colors. 

Wrap up 

You are all ready to go and buy you a hairpiece while differentiating between a wig or a toupee.  

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