The Physical Causes of ED


Erectile Dysfunction (or ED) is a condition that will affect the majority of men at least once in their lives but tends to be more common in older men. However, the number of ED cases among younger people is rising for the last couple of decades. The key reasons behind ED can be caused by both physical and psychological reasons. Read the following Pharmica article to be in the know about the key causes of ED and the treatments that can be used to fight the condition.

Physica Reasons


Diabetes is one of the most common endocrine diseases that impact our body’s ability to produce insulin. This condition is considered to be one of the most common causes of ED due to the damage to blood vessels and nerves caused by affected levels of sugar in our blood. This condition tends to be even more common as we age, further increasing the risks of ED accruing in later stages of our lives.


Being overweight or obese can also significantly increase the risks of ED condition occurring due to the excess body fat affecting hormone balance in our bodies as well as heart-related conditions that affect our ability to provide sufficient blood flow throughout our bodies.


Hypertension (or high blood pressure) has the ability to worsen the condition of the blood vessel lining over time due to wearing them out resulting in more narrow vessels and worse blood flow. To remedy that, lifestyle changes can be adopted where reduction of alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as healthy and consistent exercise and diet, can assist with lowering the blood pressure levels within your body as well as reducing the risk of ED condition occurring.

Cholesterol Levels:

Having high levels of cholesterol can cause increased atherosclerosis which can lead to the process of blood vessels narrowing down. The high levels of cholesterol can start to clog arteries and blood vessels, restricting the flow of the blood within your body and therefore directly affecting the risks of ED condition as well as more severe health conditions that could occur.

Heart Health Conditions

Underlying health conditions, as well as the conditions listed above, directly contribute to CVD ( cardiovascular disease) which could also affect the blood flow and contribute to ED. Interestingly, ED could be an early sign of the more severe underlying conditions related to heart health

Low testosterone levels

Having low levels of testosterone – male sex hormone can directly cause ED as well as other sexual health issues like low libido, low fertility and etc. However, the link between the two conditions is still being researched to provide a more in-depth insight into the connection.

Taking Other Medication

Some medications like antidepressants or beta-blockers can contribute to ED. Discussing the side effects of these medications with your doctor can assist with finding a more suitable solution that can minimise the impact of those medications on ED.

In summary, ED can occur due to a multitude of factors related to underlying health conditions. To treat this condition, a variety of clinically proven, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatments can be used to achieve your goals. For example, one of the most common treatments is Viagra which is a PD5 inhibitor that is proven to assist with achieving and maintaining an erection for the majority of men.

In addition, lifestyle changes like reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco as well as maintaining consistent exercise and a healthy diet can further assist with reducing the impact of ED as well as encouraging more healthy lifestyle.

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