How to Make Genmaicha Tea to Enjoy Yourself at Home


Have you heard about Genmaicha Tea and the wonderful tastes and aromas that it offers? If not, then you are in for a treat, as today, we’re here to talk to you more about the hot beverage and show you how to make a cup. The good news is that it’s not a long or complicated process – far from it, actually. In reality, it’s rather simple. 

Genmaicha literally means ‘brown rice’ in Japanese, giving you an idea of what actually goes into the drink. When consuming a tea of this kind, it’s typically created from dried green tea leaves and puffed brown rice. It’s these ingredients that give it the unmistakable golden hue. 

It’s not terribly high in caffeine, as the infused brown rice naturally brings it down, but it does offer a wonderfully nutty flavor and is great for intolerances, as it’s gluten-free! 

Tips On How to Make a Great Cup of Genmaicha Tea 

Some people would say that it’s just a matter of adding hot water and a mug to the situation. However, that’s not the way to get the perfect blend and concentrate. If you want that, follow these next three tips to get the most from this amazing plant!

Tip #1 – Get the Temperature Right 

One thing you should get right off the bat is the temperature of the water – as it’s critical to getting a decent-tasting cup. Whenever you make a Genmaicha brew, it’s super important the water you use is just short of boiling – meaning that it’s usually about 180 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 degrees Centigrade.

This is a delicate process that can damage the leaves before they’ve been able to infuse the water with their properties. As such, getting the temperature right is paramount. 

Tip #2 – It’s Also Delicious Cold On a Hot Day

On the vast majority of occasions, Genmaicha tea is drunk piping hot, however, don’t forego the idea of enjoying it cold on a hot summer day. To get this effect, just add a single sachet to some cold water and put it in your refrigerator for a couple of hours. Come back later, add some ice, and you’ve got a delicious drink that will absolutely slake your thirst. 

Tip #’3 – Keep It Stored Correctly

Genmaicha is exactly like every other type of tea found on the market in that it needs to be stored correctly if you want it to remain in top condition. This means locking it away in an airtight container in between cups and storing it in a cupboard at room temperature. Also, if you’ve got a partially opened container of tea, seal it up with surround wrap to keep those flavors protected. 

We’re Sure You’ll Love Enjoying Genmaicha Tea at Home

All things considered, this one another of the countless types of tea that are out there for you to sample. This one in particular, however, offers its own unique properties and a series of benefits to your health – as many teas do. 

Trying tea doesn’t mean you have to give up your regular cup of joe, rather, it’s just something else for you to enjoy in the fullness of time. There are literally hundreds of blends out there to try, but don’t forget to include Genmaicha in your tea bucket list, as you simply have to try it at some point. 

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