4 Reasons Why Cordless Drills are perfect for DIY Jobs


Power tools in today’s day and age have become a necessity with the rise of DIY jobs among Kenyan homes and even organizations. Power Tools compromise various devices such as drills, handsaws, blowers, and even power saws. Their price range varies depending on the kind of job you intend for them, but today we will be focusing on the cordless drill, and why it is perfect for DIY jobs.

A drill has numerous functions in woodworking and as a machining tool. They make work easier when trying to drive screws or bolts or even bore a hole, and because of this fact, they come in numerous types. Depending on the task, there are multiple types of drills, such as a hammer drill, hand drill, or rotary hammer drill, but today we will only focus on the cordless drill. Below are just a few reasons why the cordless drill is more efficient in contrast with the rest.


The main advantage of the cordless drill is its easy portability. You can carry it around your house, or work and you no longer have to worry about tripping on wires or having to entangle them. It makes it easier to move around while working, it might appear a minor advantage, but it saves a lot of frustration and workload. It also makes work easier when having to work outdoors.

High Capacity Batteries

The cordless drills also come with lithium batteries, which provide all the power needed for any job. Without the need for electricity, it also saves energy, and all cordless drills are rechargeable. Depending on the task, the battery can last for at least seven days’ worth of intensive work and more than three weeks on standby mode. This feature makes it highly suitable for remote areas, where there is no immediate power supply.

Torque Control

This feature allows a user adjust power supply used when drill is inserting screws. When used correctly, a user can drive screws to the correct depth limiting the damage on the screws and ensuring maximum grip. This feature makes sensitive work that requires accuracy and high quality much simpler.

Easy Storage and Light Weight

A cordless drill is generally a handheld device, and with the lack of pesky wiring, it can be easily stored practically anywhere. From your cabinet to your garage, you can even fit it in your work locker or its original casing, which is smaller than your average suitcase. Its size directly relates to the cordless drill price in Kenya, since the larger the drill, the more power it has hence, the more work it can accomplish.

In addition, it is lighter than it appears. Researchers and engineers behind its design developed it with the users’ convenience as their main goal. They ensured that its users won’t be bothered by the weight of the cordless drill while working at the house, worksite, or in their garage.

In conclusion, the cordless drill has proven numerous times to be more efficient on certain tasks than other drills. The above facts are a few of the various advantages of cordless hand drills.

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