True Hemp wraps: 

True Hemp Wraps are manufactured entirely of hemp and are free of tobacco and nicotine, resulting in one of the cleanest smokes a wrap can offer. True Hemp Wraps are not Harmful to Your Health smokers are increasingly concerned about the health concerns linked with breathing smoke and are looking for an alternative, “healthier” ways to consume their herbs.

Numerous medical research on the health consequences of smoking has been conducted, with the vast majority concluding that smoking is harmful to one’s health. These issues apply to all kinds of smoking, including hemp wraps, not just cigarettes and cigars.

Old- fashioned blunt:

There’s a lot to like about an old-fashioned blunt. However, as more cannabis users seek to avoid cigarettes at all costs, this is steadily changing. The reason for this is that people are becoming more aware of the many negative consequences of cigarette use.

The natural chemicals and compounds

It’s possible that inhaling anything other than the natural chemicals and compounds found in clean air is hazardous to your health. Smoking is intrinsically unhealthy for you because it involves inhaling substances outside of clean air. That’s all there is to it! There is no doubt that smoking anything in large enough quantities will eventually destroy your health. Cigarettes, blunt wraps, cigars, vape juice, “organic” alternatives, and even Hemp Wraps fall into this category.

100 % organic hemp:

Natural cannabinoids are present in most fresh organic hemp paper, and these hemp wraps from True Hemp include them. True Hemp’s moist and soft leaves keep their freshness thanks to a resealable pouch. These hemp wraps are less expensive than similar product lines and are made from 100% organic hemp, resulting in clean, chemical-free smoke. Because the leaves are wide and stick easily, True Hemp allows you to make any size and shape blunt you want, and you can choose between a thicker hemp roll or splitting the wrap into two thinner sheets.

How to roll hemp wraps:

If you’re new to the industry, hemp wraps are plain hemp-based rolling papers. This means that you will not only be smoking a blunt that is free of tobacco, but also one that contains all of the cannabinoid goodness.

Here’s a little secret:

Hemp zone wraps will not require you to split a cheap cigarillo to obtain your wrap. They’re simple to deal with, and even novices can roll blunts like pros.

We’ll look at two different ways to roll hemp wraps.

Hemp wraps with glue stripes are known to be more sophisticated than the following sort of wrap we’ll look at. Flat pieces of paper that are frequently adhered together. You’ll need to detach one off the roll if the adhesive strip hemp wraps are rolled.

After you’ve extracted a single sheet of paper from the packing, the procedure is similar to that of classic blunt rolling.

  • For a consistent smoke, grind your cannabis flower fairly. Do not, however, ground to a powder.
  • Place the ground flower on top of your hemp wraps, with the majority of it in the center and minimising towards the edges. Take care with the adhesive strip’s edge; it should be facing upwards.
  • To load the flower, wrap the wrap back and forth like you would with a regular blunt. The open edge of the strip should be used.
  • When you’re finished packing, moisten the adhesive strip and hold it in place for approximately a minute to securely secure your blunt.
  • Connect one end of your filter to the other and…
  • Light your blunt when it is firm enough to enjoy tobacco-free smoke.


True Hemp is introducing a new hemp wrap to the market. True Hemp’s purpose is to give users the same slow-burn experience as traditional blunts in the developing hemp industry without the harsh tobacco for a smooth draw. We provide different flavors of our true Hemp wraps.

  • Flavor-Less: It’s true hemp with a natural hemp scent, perfect for smelling the plant when it’s burning.
  • Mango: A perfect combination of fruity mango aromas.
  • Russian Cream has a delicate vanilla, sugar, and citrus flavor and aroma.
  • Honey: The aroma of real honey is sweet and soft from the first puff.
  • Bananas have a delicious, sweet, and somewhat citrus scent.
  • Gelato is a delicious ice cream flavor that is cold and sweet.

Cleanest hemp wraps:

True hemp wraps advertise themselves as the cleanest hemp wraps available. This is due to the fact that they do not use any addictive or harmful drugs. Tobacco and nicotine are the substances I’ve discussed. As I have explained countless times in my articles, nicotine and tobacco are exceedingly detrimental to the human body. People should transition to tobacco- and nicotine-free products as a result.

There is a slew of disadvantages. People who do not understand the consequences of their actions early in life will suffer later. On various occasions, I’ve written on the risks of nicotine and cigarettes.

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