Illegal Games And Sports of Different Countries One Must Know About

Some marks are unlawful because they are cruel and unfair to animals or simply because they are too dangerous for people willing to try them. Is animal abuse or putting your life at risk for some thrill and excitement worth it?

Here are some of the sports based 먹튀검증 that have been banned or are illegal in different countries.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is the sport of jumping or launching oneself from different structures. This sport is banned in almost all cities and urban environments since the jumpers have a considerable possibility of injuring themselves and the vehicles and passersby on the street below. This sport generally requires access to private or restricted properties since high points are needed to jump. So base jumpers often break or trespass to get unauthorized access to high energies.

Base jumping can get you charges for burglary and reckless endangerment.

Street Racing 

The illegal racing of automobiles on public roads and highways is known as street racing. Racing on the public streets without following proper procedures puts you in violation of the law. These races by mostly untrained drivers can cause tragic wrecks that can cause harm to themselves as well as others not participating in the race. This particular sport has been popularized in mainstream media and movies as a popular component of the American lifestyle. However, it is banned in all 50 states of America.

Like the “Fast and Furious” movies are undoubtedly entertaining to watch, but reenacting them will most surely get you in jail.

Cock Fighting

Cock Fighting is illegal in all 50 states in the United States and is considered a felony in 39 states. This sport is a centuries-old blood sport in which roosters are pitted against each other for the audience’s delight. The roosters fight, often to death, while players put bets on which rooster will win. Sharp instruments are frequently connected to the legs of the birds, causing severe damage and discomfort. Stimulant medicines are sometimes administered to cockfighting birds to improve their fighting abilities and make them more aggressive.  It is a cruel sport that encourages unlawful gambling.

Bull Fighting

Bullfighting is illegal in many countries such as the United Kingdom, Cuba, Argentina, Italy, Denmark, and Canada. However, it is still legal in Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. At least 7,000 bulls are killed in Spain’s bullrings in official bullfights each year. Bullfighting is never a fair contest; instead, it is a brutal slaughter of a vulnerable animal. Before being stabbed to death, the animals are pushed to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.


In bouldering, climbers scale boulders with crash mats underneath them. On the other hand, the building is an urban version of bouldering that takes place on artificial constructions. It’s prohibited, just as base jumping, due to restrictions on entering private property and the risk of bodily harm. It is a massive liability for the property owners. Buildering may give you thrill and excitement, but it is a hazardous sport, and you can get arrested for it.

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