DNA Test To Know About Your Ancestors

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If you feel that your personal history is a mystery or uncertain about your family history, a PaternityUSA grandparent DNA test is the best solution. It is becoming a popular choice to know about your family’s origin and history. From this article, you can know more about DNA tests and how useful they will be for you.

What Is Genealogical DNA Test?

Our DNA is unique, except in case of identical twins, and it remains the same throughout our lifetime. We get half of our DNA marker from the mother and the other half from the father. Hence, we share one-quarter of our DNA marker with our grandparents.

Genealogical DNA tests help you learn more about your family history. It can also provide you with information about relationships between families and even your ancestor’s country of origin. The more pattern you share with the other, the more closely related you two are. Hence, you can come to know about the missing links in your biological family.

In situations where the alleged father is not available or not willing to take the DNA test, a grandparent paternity test is used to establish the lineage with the alleged father. Though the child’s mother doesn’t need to participate in this test, it is highly recommended so that they can easily exclude half of the child’s DNA when compared to that of hers.

Now there are so many companies that provide you with this test at your convenience at home confidentially. Visit https://www.paternityusa.com/grandparent-dna-test/ to choose from the variety of ancestral tests. They will ship you a grandparent DNA test kit to your address. They assure you of 100% accuracy since they analyze 46 genetic markers instead of 16 or 24.

Choosing fewer markers may appear cheaper but testing for more DNA markers gives conclusive results.

How Is It Done?

The procedure is very simple and safe. It is mostly done using a buccal swab that involves a cotton swab to collect samples of cells from the inside surface of your cheeks. The sample is then sent to the lab safely. Once the testing is done, they inform you of the result through email.

If you need the DNA test for legal proceedings then you have to go for a legal grandparent DNA test. Though both private and legal test results are the same, you cannot use private test results in court because the chain-of-custody process is followed in legal test options.

Reasons For Grandparent DNA Test

Everyone is concerned about every child. But as a grandparent, you may want to know whether the child is sharing your bloodline or not, especially when there is a question of paternity. DNA testing between grandparents grandchild brings peace of mind to the grandparents and it can also be used to solve custody issues.

Are Both Grandparents Required?

The grandparent DNA test can be done just with the grandparent and the child. But to get the best grandparent DNA test result, it is always recommended to include both the grandparents and one biological parent if possible. You may not get a conclusive and accurate result if you do it with a grandparent’s DNA.

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